Workout Wednesday: "Frankenstein" (Leg) Workout

You'll never guess what exercises I've borrowed for my own gym routine this week! Okay, Okay, it's another leg day workout, but I'm obsessed with finding exercises that people with injuries like mine (I have a stress reaction on my right heel) can do on leg day! People with injuries similar to mine are often told they can't do any weight baring leg exercises at the gym--no more leg day? GASP, NO FREAKIN' WAY! I have to admit it's super slim picking for exercises that don't or won't irritate my heel, BUT I think I've found a good starting point. Hope you enjoy my 'Frankenstein' of a leg/lower body (and a little mid-section) workout!

Oh and thanks again to Pinterest for helping me find all these different exercises! If you want to check out the entire workout you can find them on my Pinterest board "Health & Fitness."

Bikini Body Guide Workout 5

Here's what I'll be getting into tonight ya'll ☺:)☺ PS: This is the last time I will be posting screenshots of what I'll be up to, but no worries you can still go to my daily vlogs see me do some of the exercises orrr you could purchase your own digital copy of bikini body guide. It's a great program!! ☺ image


Personally Powerful Yoga

After a personal yoga session with my instructor yesterday (no one else showed up for class), I'm soooo sore!!! Lol, he whopped my butt into shape! Head stands, balancing, core work. Oh boyyyyy. Lol. I did power yoga with MapMyFitness! Distance: 0.00mi, time: 01:00:00, pace: N/A, speed: 0.00mi/h.

Youtube Spin Class

That moment when your butt hurts the morning after a good spin class 😜 Fat Burning Workout - 40 Minute Indoor Cycling Cl…:

I took a spinning class with MapMyFitness! Distance: 0.00mi, time: 35:00, pace: N/A, speed: 0.00mi/h.

The Youshhh

The Youshhh: Is that how you spell that? Lol, that word short for usual? I'm pretty sure that's far from correct, lol. Anyway, last night I did my usual tuesday night power yoga. I could tell my mind was far from still as my balance was off last night. Something to work on, I guess. I did Power Yoga with MapMyFitness! Distance: 0.00mi, time: 01:00:00, pace: N/A, speed: 0.00mi/h.


Today I did the Kettlebell class with Bruce and my favorite quote from today was....drum rollll...."WHO ARE YOU DOING THIS FOR?" Of course everyone was expected to respond, "ME!" On the flip side, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Lol. Can't wait to see what you guys think of my next video/vlog-- it'll be going up later today! Love you guys! I did a CrossFit Class workout with MapMyFitness! Distance: 0.00mi, time: 01:00:00, pace: N/A, speed: 0.00mi/h.