bikini body guide

Bikini Body Guide: I'm finished!

Bikini Body Guide Progress Photos I've officially completed all twelve weeks of bikini body guide. Crazy how time flies! I do wish I would have taken my calorie intake a little more seriously, but hey I can't complain. Here are my results! (Week 1, 8 and 12 are in this photo)

Bikini Body Guide Week 8: Progress Photos

image image Week 1 (left), Week 4 (middle), Week 8 (right)

Is my butt rounder? 😂 I'm really having trouble seeing the difference, if any, again. I'll probably see more between week 8 and week 12 since I'm officially allowed to run again. YES! :D:mrgreen:😁😄

Bikini Body Guide Workout 5

Here's what I'll be getting into tonight ya'll ☺:)☺ PS: This is the last time I will be posting screenshots of what I'll be up to, but no worries you can still go to my daily vlogs see me do some of the exercises orrr you could purchase your own digital copy of bikini body guide. It's a great program!! ☺ image


Bikini Body Guide: Day 1

Somehow I've managed to lose 5 more pounds without trying. I'm down to 130 and I'm happy about it, butttt I'm about to gain some muscle back with what I hope to impliment as my new workout regime: Bikini Body Guide! Here's what I'll be working on today ☺ image