#APOPFNF Profile: Michele McDonnell

11791877_10207622051775909_1532661210_nName: Michele McDonnell Age: 47

Subject: Weight Loss

Advice: Never let food become an obsession. I know it's comfortable and it makes many of us feel better, but in reality food doesn't change a thing. My challenge to you is to directly deal with the problems you have in life.

11830223_10207622048095817_282289182_nMichele's Story: "I was slightly overweight most of my teen years and young adult hood, but I never wore a size bigger than a 14. Then, nine years ago, I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. I was 38 years old. I was married and had a 6 year old son. This is when everything got out of control. I gained weight like crazy and was wearing a size 20. Finally, treatment was complete and I entered remission. I lost some weight and returned to a size 14 again, but I still wasn't quite happy with the way I looked and felt. I went back to work and--you guessed it--began stress eating. I would eat large bags of peanut M&Ms with a side of a grande Starbucks coffee. I also regularly drank a lovely bottle of imported beer with dinner. I had no idea these things were some of the main reasons I was gaining weight and I continued these habits for four years! It was only when I got laid off that I realized I gone up a few sizes; I was wearing XL  woman's shirts and size 16-18s again...

11791877_10207622051775909_1532661210_nTwo years ago a friend gave me the final push I needed to begin a healthier lifestyle and after all these hurdles--fighting cancer, working a stressful job and getting laid off--I am proud to say I've lost 46 pounds! How you ask? I started walking --lots of walking-- and changed my eating habits bit by bit. I began eating smaller portions and integrating healthier foods into my daily routine. Now, I wear a size 8-10 and medium tops; I've never wore such small sizes in my life and it feels fantastic. I love the new me and wouldn't trade her for the world."

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Wednesday Walk

As you I'm sure you all know, until I see a foot specialist I'm no longer allowed to run, but, hey, I walked today during my lunch break so that has to count for something. 👌 Thanks, Michele for keeping me motivated. ☺ I walked with MapMyFitness! Distance: 2.05mi, time: 35:14, pace: 17:12min/mi, speed: 3.49mi/h. http://mapmyfitness.com/workout/1023225061

Bikini Body Guide Workout: Day 2

Today I was supposed to do a 35-45 minute LISS workout (low intensity steady walk or jog) so naturally Michele, Christy and I went on a lunchtime walk/jog. Love these girls for keeping me motivated! I ran with MapMyFitness! Distance: 2.75mi, time: 46:55, pace: 17:04min/mi, speed: 3.52mi/h. http://mapmyfitness.com/workout/1001327109

HIS BANANA IS THIS BIG!!! (Day 28: April 16th, 2015)



HELL YEAH. I JUST SET A NEW PERSONAL RECORD!!! 21 MINUTES 46 SECONDS 3 MILES! YES, YES, YESSSSS!!!! I'm pretty sure I just earned myself an adult beverage. I told myself for the longest time if you just get your time down to 21 minutes then you can say you've accomplished something. Well dang, I guess I finally accomplished something. HELL YES! 😄😆😄😆💪👏👏👏🏃🏃🏃 wpid-wp-1428625917896.jpg

*^^Insert funny excited face here^^*

I ran with MapMyFitness! Distance: 3.00mi, time: 21:46, pace: 7:15min/mi, speed: 8.27mi/h. http://mapmyfitness.com/workout/936521669