If you're looking for fitspiration look no further...


If you are looking for inspiration for your weight loss journey, here is it: my sister, Candace. Over two years ago my sister began her weight loss journey. As an active member of the, oh so famous, weight watchers program she made dropping her first 50 pounds look easy. She was getting ready to marry the man of her dreams-- now her husband, Patrick. She continued on her weight loss journey and she got married in the process--I'm not going to lie; she looked beyond beautiful on her wedding day (don't tell anyone, but I teared up a little bit :P). Shortly after getting married Candace and Patrick decided they wanted to be parents. It took some time, but thereafter Candace and Patrick found out they were pregnant with TWINS! I remember thinking to myself, "OHHH SHITTTT." At twenty I was sitting in the background of this story thinking shit just got real--I mean we were talking about not one, but two babies here! I was beyond excited to be the aunt of twins. So, here is where the picture you see above comes in. Candace after losing close to 50 pounds basically had gained those lbs back plus some--those little monsters were hungry (...and apparently they really liked eggo waffles--funny how that stuff works huh? :P). Now heavier than her original weight, she gives birth to two beautiful kiddos, but here's the twist, she immediately gets right back on track!  She works harder than ever to return to a healthy body and a happy mind. She was doing something I think most moms forget to do when they have newborns--Candace remembered to take care of herself! She became supermom running around constantly doing things for the kids, but the moment she had the opportunity--she would hit the gym! She remembered to eat healthy as she continued to attend the weekly weight watchers meetings even if that meant she would have to take the twins with her. She quickly began to drop weight once again returning to her pre-pregancy weight. This is where I come in: if you aren't familiar with my geographical location; I call Philly my home. I wasn't around much for the first few months those kiddos were here, but due to a break-up, therefore no apartment to go to--I went back to my hometown for a month or two. Candace got me back on track--constantly asking me to go run with her on the local trails or hit up that zumba class at the gym. Please look at this picture of her again:

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-15-22-26-25.pngNow look at mine:

wpid-img_20150515_201717.jpgIf it weren't for my sister's dedication and ability to inspire everyone around her. I sure as hell wouldn't be where I am today writing a blog about health and fitness. So for that I thank you, Candace! It's been almost two years of your constant hard work and determination and I just want to tell you one thing: You are one hot momma and I think that it something worth celebrating!

Intervals with Michele

Whooped Michele's rear end (and my own lol) into shape on our lunch break today. This will be our last hard workout together before our race on Saturday. Ohh the excitement!!! :D😄😆🏃🏃🏃 I ran with MapMyFitness! Distance: 2.55mi, time: 37:17, pace: 14:37min/mi, speed: 4.10mi/h. http://mapmyfitness.com/workout/981985091

The Time I was In the #PittsburghMarathon (Day 44: May 3, 2015)


So closeeeeee!!!

To another #personalrecord that is! I was 8 seconds away from a new PR. In all fairness I ran twice today before this. Once at lunch and another when I took my students to the park (we played some hardcore football lol). #fitnessnerd #fitnessnerdfamily #movingmeditation #soultraining #fitgirlproblems #PursuingMyDream I ran with MapMyFitness! Distance: 3.00mi, time: 21:53, pace: 7:18min/mi, speed: 8.23mi/h. http://mapmyfitness.com/workout/944974243


HELL YEAH. I JUST SET A NEW PERSONAL RECORD!!! 21 MINUTES 46 SECONDS 3 MILES! YES, YES, YESSSSS!!!! I'm pretty sure I just earned myself an adult beverage. I told myself for the longest time if you just get your time down to 21 minutes then you can say you've accomplished something. Well dang, I guess I finally accomplished something. HELL YES! 😄😆😄😆💪👏👏👏🏃🏃🏃 wpid-wp-1428625917896.jpg

*^^Insert funny excited face here^^*

I ran with MapMyFitness! Distance: 3.00mi, time: 21:46, pace: 7:15min/mi, speed: 8.27mi/h. http://mapmyfitness.com/workout/936521669