Who is Carlee Myers?

Carlee Myers teaches professionals how to manage stress and overwhelm so they can up-level their careers and find time for what is most important to them.


She walks professionals through a step-by-step process to help them get out of their own way and build their dream careers and lives.

Carlee has a Bachelor of Fine Arts where she studied art making as a meditative practice, a practice she now uses to help her clients reduce stress and overwhelm caused by the many responsibilities the come along with a high-stress job, family life and beyond. Carlee’s company, Work You Love, based out of Philadelphia, has helped hundreds of professionals across the country remedy burnout and build their dream careers using a combination of creative stress reduction and strategic career coaching.

Carlee has spoken around the country at business events, women’s conferences, colleges, and universities. She enjoys connecting with an audience and causing her listeners to transform their relationship with stress so that they can upgrade their careers and their lives.


Carlee’s style is fun, entertaining, honest and direct. Her audiences laugh and cry.

She is an expert on talking openly about stress and anxiety in the workplace – how to manage it, prevent it and take bold action. Her audiences leave inspired to move forward and clear about the plan to make success happen.



Alternative Ways to Reduce Stress: One Size Doesn’t Fit All


  • Why "Busy" is Your Worst Nightmare

    Learn how being busy all the time can effect your stress levels and overall health.

  • Why Stress is the Enemy of Productivity

    Say goodbye to clicking from window from window, yet never getting anything done.

  • How to Manage and Reduce Your Stress While You are at Work

    Learn simple exercises you can use at work to significantly reduce stress

  • My Best Tips for Preventing Stress

    Doctors always say prevention is better than treatment and I agree!

Work/Life Balance: How to Enjoy Life Without Sacrificing Progress at Work


  • How to Step Away From the Stresses of Work So You Come Back 100% Recharged

    Learn simple habits to incorporate into your life so you can return to work recharged and excited about the day ahead.

  • Why Boundaries are Key to a Healthy Work/Life Balance

    Most of us say 'yes' so many times it comes at the expense of our health. Discover what you must set boundaries around.

  • My Best Tips for Preventing Burnout

    When we are burnt out we fight to get even the simplest of tasks done. Learn quick and simple tips for prevention.

  • Why Planning is Your Personal Life's Best Friend

Learn why you need to plan and how it will positively effect both your life at work and home.

How to Find Work that Fills Your Wallet & Your Soul


  • How to Step Into Your Dream Career and Life

    Learn how to get what you want in your career by doing three simple steps.

  • How to Disrupt the Cycle of Putting Your Dreams Last

    Discover exactly what you need to do to get out of your own way.

  • How to Know if Your Next Job is Right for You

    Learn a simple exercise that will help you get clear on exactly what career is right for you.

  • What to Do When You Feel Stuck

    Learn exactly what you need to do to jump start your creativity and get moving.

Carlee was such a dynamic and passionate speaker! She gave you an amazing talk and will be an amazing speaker in front of any audience!!

Keep doing what you’re doing, Carlee! You are SUCH a great speaker and teacher!

-Jessica Procini, Philadelphia, PA, EscapeFromEmotionalEating.com

“Thanks so much for coming out and speaking to our Polka Dot Powerhouse group tonight! The ladies loved you and your topic! I was so impressed with how professional you and your presentation were tonight and I appreciate you investing your time in us,  sharing your very powerful story and giving us tips on how we can control stress in our own lives.”

-Kamie Lehmann, Managing Director Bensalem Chapter, Polka Dot Powerhouse, Bansalem, PA

Carlee’s talk was wonderful! She gives you permission to take time for yourself to de-stress.

-Lynne McMullins, Doylestown, PA

“Carlee’s talk was fabulous! She gave me really good ideas on how to jump start my career. She reminded me that my professional life should support the lifestyle I want and vice versa AND that the key to success is setting milestones that lead to my bigger goals. Great talk!”

-Keli Vale, Philadelphia, PA