#APOPFNF Profile: Paige Albert

11301620_10155785832475106_822592586_nName: Paige Albert Age: 23

Subject: Lifestyle Change

Paige's Story: "Okay, so I know right off the bat looking at my pictures most people are thinking, 'She's skinny. Why's she on this blog?' But skinny and fit are not synonymous. Before my lifestyle change, I ate whatever I wanted and barely exercised. My mom told me time and time again that it'll catch up to me. She advised I change my bad habits now.

Eventually I listened and got a gym membership. Yes, that was a great start, but I wasn't pushing myself--I only went three times a week. I was doing the bare minimum and continued to eat the same way--I didn't see any changes.

11349824_10155785832520106_1011793772_nReading through some of the past #APOPFNF Profiles, I see a trend--a lot of people begin their journeys to a better self due to a life changing event or health scare.  Me? I simply got a new job. In February of 2012, I got a job as a Health Enthusiast at the new Vitamin Shoppe that was opening. Honestly, I knew nothing and just needed a job to pay for college since I was working minimum hours at another retail store. I was really quick to learn about all the products and supplements and began taking some myself (just a multivitamin and some fish oil, nothing extreme). Surrounded by others whose primary focus was self-improvement, I eventually became motivated to become active. I started running 5Ks and rocked them. I began to challenge myself and pushed myself farther by running 5 milers, warrior dashes, and half marathons.

11354905_10155785832625106_838056270_nWith my growing library health and fitness knowledge, I became more interested in sports supplements that would help me achieve my goals as an athlete. I experimented with different ingredients and dosages that would help me gain muscle, especially in my arms. I had the cardio portion of my fitness routine down, but wanted to tone up. I had always been thin, but muscular was never used to describe me...ever. After talking about my fitness goals, a co-worker of mine recommended Extreme Pole Fitness Studio in town. I thought that it sounded pretty cool, so I immediately I called and scheduled my first class.

11289701_10155785832565106_2146122337_nI've never done cross-fit, but I'm 99% sure pole fitness is more painful. Despite the pain and bruising, I fell in love. I've gained strength, confidence, determination, and a wonderful support group from the women I have class with. I've been doing pole fitness for about 17 months now and I've seen amazing changes in my body. I had cancelled my gym membership, but have rejoined in an effort to keep challenging myself and to keep my routine interesting. I have struggled with keeping my eating habits on track, but have been working harder to get my crap together. For me, gradual changes in my lifestyle worked best. By eliminating the feeling of health and fitness 'culture shock', I've managed to get some great results. I'm proud to say that I am no longer 'skinny', but I am a healthy, fit, strong individual."



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