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Workout Wednesday: Bosu Squats

One of my absolute favorite exercises--and guess what?! Bosu Squats are approved by my physical therapist too! [embed][/embed]

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These bad boys are great for your booty, so if you're looking for gains there--do 'em! :P


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Workout Wednesday: "Abs on Fire"

7af9e91c04a4d6ccb7fd4bc4d0e55ef3 More like everything on fire! This week's Pinterest workout left me with sore abs, triceps, and other weird danggg. This is a great workout especially when combined with a good cardio routine!

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Workout Wednesday: "Frankenstein" (Leg) Workout

You'll never guess what exercises I've borrowed for my own gym routine this week! Okay, Okay, it's another leg day workout, but I'm obsessed with finding exercises that people with injuries like mine (I have a stress reaction on my right heel) can do on leg day! People with injuries similar to mine are often told they can't do any weight baring leg exercises at the gym--no more leg day? GASP, NO FREAKIN' WAY! I have to admit it's super slim picking for exercises that don't or won't irritate my heel, BUT I think I've found a good starting point. Hope you enjoy my 'Frankenstein' of a leg/lower body (and a little mid-section) workout!

Oh and thanks again to Pinterest for helping me find all these different exercises! If you want to check out the entire workout you can find them on my Pinterest board "Health & Fitness."

Workout Wednesday: Knee Squats

Workout Wednesday: Low-Impact Exercises

For all you people out there that want to do a hard workout, but can't do impact. This is a great reminder of all the other things we can do: Swimming, Cycling, Rowing, Yoga, Stair Climbing

MyFitnessPal always has great articles and advice on how to stay healthy!

Three people on rowing machines - photo courtesy of MyFitnessPal