Digging Deeper Into Your Personal Brand [The Stress-Less Career Show - Episode 5]

Branding, branding, branding! This month, we have been talking about personal branding on The Stress-Less Career Show and how your personal brand plays into finding work you love and having the career that you've always dreamed of. Last week, we talked about how core values are the foundation of your personal brand. This week, I really want to talk about a new way of thinking about your personal brand. I want you to think about your personal brand as a TV show.

I hear you now: Carlee, what does that mean? Well, when we think about iconic TV shows - like I Love Lucy - we often think about a specific personal brand. When I say the title, I Love Lucy, I instantly think about the quirky woman who's always getting into trouble. She's always hanging out with her best friend and winding up in really wild circumstances. She's funny, she’s adventurous - that's her personal brand.

Now, when we think about our career and how we're going to get into our ideal work environment and land those dream opportunities, we have to really think about our personal brand. The traits that make up your personal brand are the things that people think about when they think about you. From George Lopez to Lucille Ball, there's plenty of other people that have had their own shows and they all give us an incredible example of how there is a whole picture we need to think about when we're thinking about our personal brand. Theme music, costumes, set design - every element of these shows supports the brand around their stars.

So what is your theme music? You may not need to pick out a song to start your day, but think about all of the other little elements that contribute to your brand. How are you interacting with other people and what is that invoking within them? When we think about how we're going to put ourselves out there in the world - on social media, on our resume, in our cover letter, in our relationships, at a party - all of that makes up your personal brand.

So think about yourself like if you had your own TV show. If you had your own TV show, what would people say about you and your show? Would you be that quirky, happy-go-lucky type of person? Would you be the Tell It Like It Is I.T. smart guy? What would you be?

When you're able to step back and describe yourself this way, it becomes the essence of your personal brand. Remember our core values from last week’s post? Take your core values into consideration when you’re thinking about this question of how you’d like to be described if you had your own TV show. That is it. That is your personal brand.

For this week's exercise, think about how you think you would be perceived if you had your own TV show. Then, let's start putting that concept of who you are into your everyday actions, into your everyday social media posts, into your resume, into your cover letter. The whole nine yards! When future customers or potential bosses think of you, you want them to think of you in a way that reflects who you want to be. You don’t want them thinking about how you showed up late when that doesn't fit with your core values and how you want to be perceived.

Be really strategic about your personal brand because it's going to really make you stand out against your peers and your competition. Regardless of whether you own your own business or if you are job searching or trying to get that promotion, your personal brand is going to be what sets you apart from everyone else so make it count.

Next week, we're going to take the next step in our personal brand building and talk about personal style. How does personal style play into your personal brand and your career? For example, say you are a coach for the million dollar and up club or you work on Wall Street. If you're not wearing a suit and tie, you may not fit the part. We’re going to be talking about how does the way you dress influence your personal brand and I cannot wait to talk about it so stay tuned!

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