What to do When the Universe Gives You a Sign

I had some pain in my jaw lingering since about December 2018. I had a cold at that time and some sinus pressure so I didn’t think much of it. I went to the doctor, who then sent me to the dentist, who informed me that I pulled a muscle in my jaw. So I got some pain medication and hauled out my good ol’ heating pad to soothe this pulled muscle.


During my morning journaling, where I engage in stream of consciousness of writing, I was writing a lot about how I feel overwhelmed and that my jaw hurts. With stream of consciousness writing anything goes during journaling – I could be writing about how grateful I am or let my 5 year old self have a tantrum. I end each of my journal entries with an intention, leaving me with an intention for each day. So at the beginning of this specific week while I was journaling about my jaw and journaling about how I don’t understand this person, how I am overwhelmed etc., it all boiled down to me needing to listen more than I speak. Even the dentist had said that I need to limit my speaking…and cut down on the beef jerky which contributed to my sore jaw (go figure!).


Beef jerky aside,  I have been sitting with this guiding post thought that I do need to talk a little less, even contemplating whether to create the video above to share this with you. What I want to pose to you is, is there anything in your life that kind of sucks that is a possible guide post for you? If you think about it a little more, maybe sit down and write about it, it would show you exactly what you need to do to resolve most of your challenges. I found that my jaw as a guiding post has been a solution to several of my challenges, not just one. The lesson was for me to listen, relax a bit more and use my ears and eyes to really hear things in a different way.


So look around and notice what is a guiding post for you. If you feel like you do not have a guide post, let’s talk! I’d love to help you with getting in touch with your guide post(s)! I am an expert at helping people get unstuck in their lives and moving forward - Book some time with me HERE.