Stop Filling Your Calendar With Fluff and Get Clear on What You Want!

Today I am getting my rant on. I am really feeling sick and tired of being a Type A personality and feeling overworked and being too tired, too drained, too busy. I am at a point where I am over playing calendar Tetris - trying to fit appointments in between every gap on my calendar.


As a Type A and even Type B nation, we need to ask ourselves what do we actually want? Do you want to quit your job? Do you want to create your art? Or do you want to be the next bodybuilder? So once you’ve asked yourself this, it only makes sense to start doing the things that align with what you want. It’s ironic and sad to a degree how you might want to be an artist but you fill your calendar with things that have nothing to do with your artistic practice, inspiration or motivation. Instead, you fill your day with things that your boss needs you to do at your day job that is not even necessary. Or you dedicate time to a friend who is merely using you for the hundredth time to be there on a shopping trip with them.


Filling our calendars up with unnecessary things is becoming like a disease. I’d like to call out the entrepreneurs in this instance. We fill our calendars with things that do not really align with our vision or mission. Why do we fill our time with people and places that do not edge us forward? If you want to be an artist, you need to have studio time or do things that inspire your art. There are so many entrepreneurs filling their calendars with fluff. Truth be told we’re like a Fast Food Hamburger – filled with fake, toxic filling. There is no nutrition in this filling and it’s not nourishing for our souls.


In order to stop getting overwhelmed in our lives and underwhelmed by our results, it’s imperative to get clear about what’s important and what’s not. It’s time to set some boundaries in order to step out of the ‘too’ space – too tired, too angry, too busy...the list goes on. Be clear with what you’re done with and be clear with you want – even if you think it sounds ridiculous. If you want to be a professional artist write it down, speak it and live it. Do the first thing that needs to be done. The first thing might be to clear out as little as a 10 minute slot in your day and fill it with creative connection and expression. Take the little micro bravery steps to propel you forward. Of course there will be distractions and you’re going to have to really be honest about whether this distraction is a good thing to serve you and your purpose in some way and express a clear Yes or No in this situation.


What is the first step to get you what you want? Say yes to things that align and no to the things that don’t. If you have any questions or you need support around this, reach out to me HERE and let’s have a conversation!