Get your life together without all the drama

I recently had my last call with a client who just completed my private coaching program and, boy, am I so excited for her. In just a few months she has managed to transform every area of her life. If you look at the wellness wheel, you can see that she has transformed in every category of the wheel. What struck a chord for me is that each person that I have worked with took time to transition to where they want to be. It has not been an overnight quick fix or a big dramatic change, but rather a subtle shift in thinking, doing and being that has brought about authentic transformation. In my last blog, “Challenging Yeah, but…’ Excuses”, I spoke about making two second micro-bravery decisions in order to make the changes that you want to see in your life. This is all it takes – a brief moment of deciding that this is what I can change and I am going to do it (gosh dang it)!

There is so much to be said about having a to-do list. We all have a to-do list, some are longer than others. But this list can sometimes get overwhelming if you haven’t crossed enough things off your list, leading you towards beating yourself up about the fact that you haven’t done enough on your list. The difference between people who get their life together and those who don’t is that the person who chooses growth takes time to stop and celebrate the ‘small’ tasks and victories that they have accomplished. The more you celebrate the little things, the more you reinforce and catalyse positive growth. My client regularly celebrates the little tasks and steps that she has taken and doing this over the past few months has dramatically shifted all areas of her life for good.


It’s all about growth a little bit at a time. Take some time to celebrate when you complete something on your to-do list. Basking in celebration creates more positivity and ability to continue living your heart’s desire and letting your soul thrive. If this resonated with you, please do share it as it will likely resonate with others.


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