Challenging 'Yeah, but...' Excuses!

Many of us experience whirling thoughts around the idea that we can never have our dream life. You might find yourself saying: I want to do this but I can never do it because X, Y & Z, [insert fears, comfort zone, excuses]. We all have dreams but sometimes we’re actually afraid of them. We’re afraid of quitting that job to be an artist, we’re afraid to take our business to the next level or we’re afraid to tell someone how we really feel. This has come up for me many times and my clients have expressed the desire to live the life that they crave but not knowing how to get there. Ultimately, our excuses and ‘yeah, buts…’ are preventing us from living the life that we really want. From mine and some of my client’s experiences, what it boils down to is a 2 second decision.


What came up for me the other day is that I want to be able to help more people but I don’t have the time, my excuse being that I just don’t have the time. I have been using this excuse for quite a while, but if I look closely I can actually create the time. My 2 second decision was to re-arrange my schedule and make the time. There is no such thing as not enough time, it’s all about our priorities and what we choose to prioritize. There is no such thing as not enough money too! The 2 second decision is a micro-bravery step that we can take to help shift our lives so that we can step into the person that we want to be. My story was that I don’t have enough time, but all I had to do was shift one thing on my schedule and voila, there was more time!


What stops us from living our ideal is getting caught up in our fear and anxiety! When we’re stuck in this space, it’s difficult to see the 2 second decision or solution that’s in front of us. I challenge you to look at what your excuses are: what is your ‘Yeah, but…’ and what could be your micro-bravery step to help you shift into the life that you want for yourself.


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