Getting Gangsta With Adulting

A while back I spent some time in Florida, with some amazing entrepreneurs, doing some serious grind work for my business! I had an amazing time. Of course I found some time for the beach and to nibble on some delicious treats! I was so excited to indulge in this exotic fruit (on a stick I might add) that I even choreographed a  gangster dance to go along with it. I was so excited for this fruit especially since I was still fairly new to being gluten, dairy & sugar free for the last while.  Everybody was like ‘what the heck is Carlee doing? We’re at a business conference and she’s dancing with her, er …fruit?’ Of course, shortly there after I had one friend dancing next to me and another recording the whole thing.

Fast-forward to when I get back from Florida. I receive a package from my best friend’s mom. I knew the package was coming but I had totally forgotten about it. I was so tired after having to wake up at 3AM to catch my flight back to Philly, that when I got home I was looking forward to getting comfortable and snuggling up with my pillows. It turns out the universe had other plans my my night. I open the package and what did I find? One of the most bad-ass shirts I now own that says: ‘Drink some coffee. Put on some Gangsta Rap and Handle it.’ 

Okay so I don’t drink coffee, but I suddenly found myself so game to ‘Drink some tea, Put on some Gangsta rap, Handle my day and adult like a pro!’ I was super pumped.

I know that many people don’t feel like adulting today or any other day for that matter but here’s the thing, if you shift the way you think about adulting: put your feet down (aka get your ass out of bed), put on your favorite song and handle your day like a gangsta – legally of course - your adulting game will completely transform. Have you ever had those days where you’re walking down the street listening to your song and feeling like yeah, this is my vibe, this is my soundtrack? That is what we need to create for ourselves every. single. day. – getting pumped and excited. In that moment of my gangster fruit dance, I was feeling my own soundtrack--I didn't even need the music! Isn't it time to live a life to your own soundtrack? It'd say so!                     

Real Talk: I can tell you a million and one things that I don’t want to do under the 'adulting' category, but the key to my success has always been getting support when I need it so my question to you is: what do YOU need support around? I'd love to help you step into your highest self. That's why I'm offering you a free Adult Like a Pro strategy session


My gluten and diary free dessert dance. @shamaslight

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