Healthy Eating Tips: Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul

I have always been interested in finding ways to make the process of being healthy fun! Thanks to my Health Coach, I recently realized that I haven’t been putting health and eating healthy into my visualization exercises. So this morning I did this. I imagined feeling super healthy. I went off on a tangent about how I am healthy and how good I feel. During the visualization, a funny thing that I rediscovered is that my body is a temple. We’ve all heard this before, right? But going a bit deeper into this wisdom – I connected with the fact that my body is a vessel for my soul. This realization hit home for me. I imagined that when my ashes are sitting in an urn one day, nobody is going to fill that urn with chemicals or greasy and gross stuff! I wouldn’t want that because I value my soul. My body is the same thing - it’s my vessel that holds something so powerful and so influential to who I am and what I am. Without my body, I wouldn’t be writing this or be able to connect with you!  If I am going to put something in my body, it’s going to be all natural that will make my body and my soul shimmer to be a beacon of light.


I wanted to share this with you because it’s given me new perspective and strength to resist peer pressure and to not let anything tempt me away from my soul. This vessel that is my body is too valuable to let me screw up this one thing that I have that’s been given to me to embody my soul. Without my body there would be no such thing as Carlee Myers or A Piece of Positivity Studios. There would be no such thing as enjoying a cup of tea and having that fuel my soul & inspiration. When I feed my body, I am nourishing my soul. Connecting to this feels like a really important start towards eating healthy from the inside-out, instead of trying to implement a healthy eating plan without connecting to why you’re choosing healthier ways. This wisdom cuts through all the mind games we have to play to convince ourselves to eat healthy and guides us toward doing so organically – pun intended!


With all this said, something that I was struggling with was going to barbecues, because there would be brownies and all sorts of foods to tempt me to put crap in my body. Now that I deeply connect with the truth that my body is a vessel to my soul, I am unlikely to put anything into my body that isn’t going to make my soul and heart better. So it’s going to be much easier to say: ‘No, I am not going to eat that’, and when people ask I’ll say, ‘because I just don’t do that, it’s a part of who I am now’. If we shift the way we think about our bodies, we will be able to really have an impact on the way that we go through life and the way that we feed our soul.


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