Spirituality: You're doing it wrong

One aspect of our lives that we tend to talk less about and suppress, is spirituality. There have always been strict frameworks that dictate what being spiritual versus not being spiritual means. In actuality, there is not one way to connect or reconnect to God, the Universe or whatever it is that you believe in. Prayer seems to be one of the most common ways to connect spiritually but it's not the only way, neither is going to church the only way to connect.

Because many of us are lead to believe that there is only one or two ways to reconnect, this week I want to share some different ways to connect that I continually use when it comes to my own spirituality and spiritual practice with the hopes of helping you reconnect if the other stuff isn't doing the job.

1.       TALKING

Talking is a form of prayer where we use our voice internally or externally to connect. So we might say things out loud or silently as if we are conversing with God or a higher power.  Talking could be talking through our spiritual experiences with yourself or someone outside yourself--friends, family, a spiritual guide, God, the Universe, etc. Connecting spiritually through talking and prayer is a very mainstream spiritual practice in our society. It has proven to be effective for many but not everybody can connect deeply in this way, based on their preferences, personality types and learning styles. Not all of us are able to talk or connect and learn through this way.


The notion that meditation is a way to connect spiritually is often missed.  Meditation is about silence and listening. Prayer is about output – talking out loud or asking God in your mind how to fix this, or make this better or get this or that. We’re so busy asking the creator these questions but do we give time to be silent and wait for the answer? Do we listen for the answer? We might be able to ask this higher power how to make our lives better but an important part of the process is to wait for the answer, to listen to your heart for the guidance and take action based on that. If there is silence, that is a message in itself, but you need to be open and available to hear the silence.


Accessing Creativity is not based on language, it is based on flow, flow being the idea that you are ‘in the zone.' Your zone might be in the studio painting, creating poetry, writing, rapping or one of the other many creative pursuits out there. Getting into your creative flow is about letting this great ‘thing’ or ‘feeling’ pour through you to let you feel and experience connection on a deeper level and in essence guide you towards stepping into your truest calling. You’re letting this ‘thing’ (spiritual energy) come through your body and manifest itself into a physical creative movement. Obviously you can connect to talking or words through this flow. The only difference between this category and talking is that words that emerge are not products of a controlled cognitive process.


In my experience, spirituality is the most important part of wellness yet it tends to fall by the wayside. If you want to step into yourself more and into the truest version of yourself, you need to find your own unique way of embracing a spiritual practice. Your practice will differ from somebody else’s – acknowledging that this is okay is a great step towards owning your own spiritual practice and not feeling like you need to subscribe to somebody else’s practice or put pressure on somebody else to follow your own practice. As spiritual beings we all have our unique ways of being and doing. Being true to your way will provide you with a huge sense of freedom, happiness & wholeness.


If you're struggling with your own spiritual journey, I'm here to support you. Let's chat. To book a time on my calendar, visit apopstudios.acuityscheduling.com and choose the 'Adult Like a Pro' option. I look forward to helping you step into your highest self.