One door closes, another one opens - 3 Ways to Find More Time & Money for the Things that Matter


I have realized that I have an emotional connection with food - it gives me a sense of feeling included when eating and drinking with other people. It’s a type of social bonding that makes me feel connected to others. So when I found out that I shouldn’t be eating gluten, it was a huge slap in the face – I really couldn’t connect to not being able to eat and share delicious food with my friends. But this morning, during my visualization meditation, what came to me was ‘When one door closes, another opens’. Sounds cliché I know, but let me unpack a bit more juice around this simple powerful quote (Gluten free juice that is).

1: Shift your perspective from disappointed to excitement

When I found out that I couldn't eat gluten for the next 6 months I felt disappointed. I was out last night with friends and while all my friends were ordering amazing delicious food, I ate Garlic Spinach. Yep. Say no more. But during my visualization this morning, I realized that, ‘yeah I’m disappointed that I can’t eat certain foods, but imagine all the amazing foods that I’ll get to try instead! What got me excited is that now I get to explore and experience new foods that I would never tried otherwise. I decided that I am going to try one new food item per week and explore how to cook it and what I can mix it with. My perspective shifted from disappointment to excitement because I have never tried this before. It was like a new creative channel opened up.

2: Understand that we get squeezed out of situations to find alignment with our heart & soul

If there is something that you feel really disappointed about in life – the ending of a relationship, dietary restrictions, maybe you just got fired or left a job - whatever you feel is closing in your life and squeezing you out, take a moment to step back and to see that deep down you may really want these changes. We won’t get pushed out of our comfort zone if we are in full alignment with our highest calling. If we are in alignment with our purpose and heart (knowing who we are and what we want in life), we won’t need to be squeezed out of anything. So Instead of being dragged kicking and screaming, say ‘this is my future and I am really excited about it and excited about all these new opportunities’. See it as a game about making life fun and, heck, even making adulting fun!

3: Create more space to live your truth

Change your perspective on the things that feel like a struggle, the things that feel like they are doors closing, and look at the other side. See the potential adventure and creativity ahead. I could not see the other side of this diet, but when I did, it became an exciting potential for adventure – like travelling, but with food! Every time you let go of something, you create space to attract the things that align with you: what is going to make you happy and fulfilled. Everyone wants more time or more money so that you can spend time doing what matters most to you. What do you want more time and money for – kids, nature, art, travel…Creating space will lead you in the direction of having more of what you want from life.



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