5 Fun & Easy Tips for Letting Go of Money Guilt


Anne Tipton helps business owners get their financial, legal and wealth building matters running so that they can handle their business. She holds a wealth of knowledge about money and finances. Carlee Myers, founder of A Piece of Positivity, and Anne Tipton talk Money Guilt, Tips on how to overcome the guilt and The Champagne Test, a great tool you can use for FREE.

TIP 1: Create more time and money by letting go money guilt.

Money guilt is when we feel guilty about spending money. In essence it’s pointless because if we spend money with a specific emotion, we’re basically going to receive that feeling back. If I buy food with a sense of guilt, I am going to feel guilty while eating it – where’s the enjoyment in that? In that case, there’s really no point in treating yourself.

TIP 2: Test what you want, to see if you really want it.

The main purpose of The Champagne Test is to spend money and not feel guilty about it. The Champagne test is about testing if whether what you want is REALLY what you want. You might have this idea that you want a convertible.  The the 16 year old inside of you might be the only one wanting the convertible. So why not test it out (renting or literally test driving one) instead of waiting until you’re having a midlife crisis, buying the convertible and then hating it?  You don’t know if you really want that convertible until you actually experience it…

TIP 3: Dip your toe in the water

Dipping your toe in the water is about taking the risks that could help you get a taste for what you think you want and to see how much you want it. It’s investing time and possibly a fraction of money to give yourself the opportunity to get a little taste of what you think you want.  For example, instead of feeling bogged down by wanting to travel internationally, take a train ride to a different city and spend a few nights there and get a taste and feel for a different place. The Champagne Test is about asking yourself: Do you want beer, wine or champagne? Looking at a purchase….sometimes you want the champagne (the high end purchase), but sometimes a nice cold beer can do the trick! Sometimes that beer will satisfy the itch. Sometimes you want the middle option, which is the wine. Try start with beer and work your way up to champagne.

TIP 4: Have a little faith.

Carlee has an urge to travel. One day she decided to invest in a smaller trip by taking a train to Stanford. This experience led her to sign up to a business coaching program, which helped her to build her business. She also met Anne in the process AND ended up winning a trip to LA! So a small 1 hour trip lead her towards a trip across the country. Take that leap of faith because you never know where it might lead you!

TIP 5: Let go of past mistakes with money.

Write down all of your mistakes with debt and where it came from, light it on fire and VOILA!, it disappears. This is a very powerful gesture of letting go.

Letting go of money guilt can be synonymous with skydiving. The scariest part about skydiving is when you’re in the plane, but you’re safe. With money guilt you are safe but all you want to do is to jump out. When holding onto money guilt we’re not actually serving ourselves. We’re stuck. So practice letting of that guilt everyday so that you can enjoy your time and your money.


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