Get on the Island and Burn the Boat: A Simple Solution For a Fulfilling Life


After spending an entire weekend in LA filled with inspiring people, what I took away from the weekend besides all the follow your dreams jazz was: if you really want to be this person that you dream of everyday you need to get on the island and burn the boat! So ask yourself, what do you want more of, what do you want to do more of? 

Here's how I got onto the island and burned the boat. I stepped fully into what I felt called to do. Listen to your heart. Let your ego do the ‘Yeah, but…’ babble but step into your heart. What is your heart saying? Your heart might be saying, ‘I want to be a dancer’ and the ego might say, ‘Yeah, but you haven’t danced in 5 years’. Or ‘I want to have more money’, ‘Yeah, but money is the root of all evil’. The point is to hear the ‘Yeah, but…’ and say screw it while stepping into your heart (what you really want).

To REALLY get onto your island you have to write a contract with yourself and if you don’t do what is in your contract, you have to give yourself a punishment. Ironic right, since I own a company called A Piece of Positivity Studios and I am telling you to do something not so positive, but I am totally serious! This contract and punishment helped me step into the person that I want to be. My contract is literally a signed piece of paper with a list of my goals and deadlines – I am taking it seriously!

Before I left for L.A, I wanted to meditate every morning before my day started. I was already waking up at 5:30 am for yoga so waking up even earlier sounded crazy, but it was what my heart was calling for, so I decided that it was not negotiable along with a few other things that I have been wanting to do including: dancing in park, uploading videos for you to see, meditating every morning for 30 minutes, etc. So, you know what it is that you want to step more into AND you intuitively know what you punishment could be. Whatever comes up and you think to yourself ‘Oh, I don’t want to do that, don’t want to even verbalize that… don’t want anyone to know that THAT would or could even be a punishment for me because I really don’t want to do that’ - That should be your punishment. Here is my punishment: If I do not wake up every single morning and meditate for 30 minutes… I have to text  my ex boyfriend and tell them that I want him back! Nobody wants that right?! It could be anything though. One wonderful woman I know, who has really beautiful hair (she could totally be a model for TRESemmé or's crazy), decided that if she doesn’t record her podcast every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 pm her punishment is to shave her head. This is the type of punishment I am talking about, I am not even kidding! Hence I have not missed a day of meditation and I have made it more than two weeks.

Let’s not forget the reward though! If I achieve all of this success what’s the craziest most amazing reward I can think of? For me currently, if I achieve all of this: meditate every single morning for 30 minutes the whole way through my 90 days and upload my vulnerable videos, if I dance in the park at least once, dance intuitively at least once a week and step into my calling…I will be going to Germany. That is my reward. In a nutshell I am getting on the island, burning the boat and then flying off to Germany.

The purpose of getting onto the island and burning the boat is to step into the life that seems scary and difficult.  I can tell you that once you’re in it, it becomes easier - my 30 minute meditation has started to become a habit. I end up getting to sleep earlier because I know I have to wake up earlier and my days go so much better when I am doing the things that my heart is feeling called to do. I fall more in love with myself when I am fulfilling my hearts desires.

I encourage you to answer these questions for yourself: What are you feeling called to do? What are you waking up in the morning for and what do you feel like doing more of? What do you hear yourself saying you wish more for? I wish I had more time to spend in my studio or I wish I had more time or money for myself. Listen to your heart, get on that island and burn that boat!


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