5 Things You Need to Know to Create More Time & Money in Your Life


Featured in this week's video: Mala Dukhi has been a CPA for the last 20 years and is the owner of Smart Women Wise Money. She has been trained as a Coach by Dr. Martha Beck (Oprah Winfrey’s Life Coach). Mala loves helping people create financial freedom so they can live a life they love.

Carlee Myers (that's me!) is an expert at helping people who are unhappy at work use creativity to build a work life that is authentic to themselves. As a successful practicing artist, Carlee has worked with many individuals to help them gain clarity about their future through one-on-one coaching and creative workshops.

In preparation for the FREE ONLINE TRAINING that took place on June 13, 2017 on how to create more time and money for the things that you love, Mala Dukhi and I share money tips, stories & teasers surrounding one theme: How to Find Time & Money for The Things that Matter.

1: Discovering what we want to do and what we Love

Mala was coaching someone close to her. Someone who is an empath, intuitive and who doesn’t want to follow a ‘traditional’ life style. She has been depressed as she is trying to fit into the traditional mold of what we should ‘be’ or do’. She has discovered that her path is finding her joy. Ultimately, we’re here to be happy. We’re not here to be sad or live on a hamster wheel. Mala suggests that we need to commit to finding the things that we want to do and the things that we love. What should we be creating more time and money for? How can we do this?

2: Meditation

Until 10 years ago, Mala had no idea what mattered to her and what was joy for her in her life. The biggest thing she did for herself was to meditate. Once she committed to meditating, she got more in touch with herself and figured out what she really loved. What can give you a clue towards what you really love is remembering what you really loved as a kid. After being on the hamster wheel for a really long time, Mala used the meditation space to ground herself and find what brings her joy. Among many things, Mala discovered that she really loved to dance, all day, 24/7!

3. Does mediTation create more time and money?

In Mala’s experience, she was also able to identify things that no longer brought her pleasure. For example, she identified and stopped hanging out with certain friends that were draining her energy. She saved money in this way as she didn’t spend money or time on going out with them. Meditation can also help you identify what is right in your life. It’s a morning ritual not to give up for anything.

In my venture to ‘Get on the island and Burn the Boat’, I dedicated 30 minutes a day towards meditation. One of the things that helped create that time to meditate is realizing all the things that I didn’t have to do.  Before meditation I would sit down and think of all the people I need to call or email and all the things that I ‘have to do’. But then during meditation, I would realize that ‘Oh that project probably doesn’t even align with me to begin with’.

A lot of people say that they don’t have time for meditating, that’s when you need to meditate more: 30 minutes as opposed to 5 minutes a day.

4. You already have time and money in your life!

You already have time and money in your life, you’re just not focused on it right now. Because you’re busy on the hamster wheel, you can’t yet see it. You may just need help in seeing it by peeling away the layers so you can see it. You already have it, we’ll help you access it and be aware of it during the training.

5. You already have the time to start creating space and being true to what you want.

We’ll help you figure out what you want. What your heart is telling you? Sometimes we get clogged up, so we’ll help you de-clog your system. We will talk about how to get into action, how to make the life and build the life that you want and have the time and money to do what you want. Whether you want a vacation, to spend more time with family, get into the studio more – we’ll guide you towards discovering that.

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