What to do when your loved ones don’t support your dreams

Your family and friends might support and love you but they might not feel like you’re making the best decisions for yourself. You’ve possibly been labelled as risky and irresponsible. They might say don’t start a business or you might lose all your money and end up homeless. Ultimately, they’re trying to protect you. It can be as big as starting a business to starting a new diet or taking a dance class. The answer I can give you to handling stresses of family or loved ones not supporting your decisions, is taking a step back and asking ‘Why aren’t they supporting this? Look at it from their perspective. You could be triggering something in them. Maybe they experienced financial hardship when they started their own business and they don’t want you to go through the same thing that they went through. Sometimes family might be straight up unsupportive because your success in threatening. Ask yourself if you need to share your goals and aspirations with this person or people or can you just do them. Do you really need their approval to step into your highest calling? In all cases you don’t actually need their approval.


I had a family member who didn’t approve of my business when I first started. They thought it was a crazy, irresponsible idea. For a long time I would speak about what I would do when I would make enough money in my business, who I would influence and what would I do when I was rich! It took my family a long time to come around but as I stepped into my highest calling and built my business, they started to say, ‘Hey, when you’re rich you owe me money’ instead of the dreaded 'if you're rich.' That was their way of trying to say that they finally believe in me. I had to stand up for my dreams and goals for a long time before I received my family’s support. Here’s the key – stand up for yourself! Not necessarily in a confrontational way but in a way of taking a stand  and taking ownership for what your heart is calling you to do.


On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who don’t want you to succeed. I had a partner who did not support my business and who thought I was being too masculine and too much of a go-getter. I had to realize that my dreams and goals were bigger than this relationship. I am not saying that you have to let go of a relationship – if you’re supposed to be together, it will work and your partner will come around. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone or allow it to become a whole big drama. You don’t need to ask for permission to start that dance class or step into your bigger calling. A lot of us make a mistake by asking for permission when we don’t actually need permission. If you need permission, I am giving you permission to give yourself permission.


One of the top 5 regrets of people who are on their death bed is regret for the things that they never did and the dreams that they never pursued. The people who don’t approve will come into alignment in their own time...It's all in divine timing. In the meantime I'd say it's time to step and lean into what you really want and start living your best life!