When you take a Leap of Faith and you feel the universe doesn’t have your back

When you take a huge leap of faith and BAM you feel that the universe doesn’t have your back and you are facing challenges constantly, know that this is part of the process. It’s the ironic way the universe works sometimes. You might put all your time and energy into taking that first leap, you still need to take the 2nd and 3rd step, and TA-DA life throws you some curve balls.


When we take the first leap of faith in getting our lives together and adulting like a boss, whether it be joining a program, eating healthy or joining the gym, it often times feels like we get hit with shot after shot. The universe throws you extra expenses or your hours get cut at work or you get surprised by a health issue. A lot of us end up going right back to our comfort zone thinking that the universe is trying to tell us that we shouldn’t be taking that leap or listening to our hearts. But actually the universe is trying to challenge us in order to make us as strong as possible so that we can step into our goals and into the person that we want to become. So, it’s not actually about the first step. You might think you need to lose weight and eat better thus you go buy all sorts of healthy foods or throw away all the unhealthy food in your cupboard. This is you letting the universe know you are hungry (HA, get the pun?!). You're letting the universe know that you are ready to take the leap and transform. But at the end of the day, it's not just the food you need to work on...you need to deal with those unhealthy emotional eating habits; you need to address with your relationship with food. So what happens? The universe throws you a break-up so you have the opportunity to rise to the occasion and resist letting your emotions pick up another cookie for you. When we think the steps are a certain way, the universe shows us differently in order to strengthen the muscles that need work so that we have the motivation to become our highest self.


I have clients that are creatives and want to make their world more financially abundant. They sign up for the program and they lose a job or hours are cut. There are two things here. First thing, the universe is trying to up the motivation to get their artistic career off the ground and two, it's making sure that they have time to spend on their goals, dreams and aspirations. So instead of cornering ourselves into a place of fear and backing off, see that the universe is helping to create more time and motivation to get you where we you want to go.


I started going to yoga regularly and then I had a fall on my bike, leaving my left hand injured. I have all these goals for my life outside of yoga – business, relationships, health, self-care and more. The universe was like, ‘Hey I think it's time to focus on other things. You say you want to get your business off the ground, it’s okay to shift your focus and put a little more time on that’. It’s all about our focus and consistently shifting focus to create balance.


So you take a leap of faith and you lose the job or you go through an injury or a break up. Know that this is the universe making you stronger and making sure that you are ready to become the person that you’re destined to be. The universe is testing you to see if this is just another maybe or kinda: I kinda wanna quit this job or I kinda wanna be a yogi. The universe throws things at you so that you have the determination to rise, no matter what is coming your way. If we don’t do the heavy lifting of what the universe is throwing at as, we won’t become stronger. If you feel like you just took a leap and it didn’t work out or you feel that you want to take a leap and are scared, just know that there will likely be trials and tribulations but taking the leap can help you become the person that you want to be.

And know that I've got your back.

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