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Creating Mindfully: Philadelphia Artist Julia Fox

Here at APOP we like to recognize people who take the term "moving meditation" to the next level. Philadelphia artist, Julia Fox, is an inspiring example of how art can not only be used to become more mindful of beauty on a daily basis, but also more aware of the importance of community and connectedness. 11224036_10152910831870706_7929759179449673491_o

My artistic practice started as a way to focus. Creative energy allowed me to be content for hours that would have normally been spent getting into trouble or pestering my siblings. Although my art practice has maintained these qualities into adulthood, art-making for me has also become a way to process and understand the society in which I live. My work is meant to capture a moment in the life of an urban structure that epitomizes the state of the neighborhood or city in which it resides. A finished work describes the moment I took an interest in the architecture and slowed down to process my surroundings. My work serves as a connection between myself and the city in which I work, and is meant to take those moments of observation, and share them with a viewer. I intend for them to serve as a reminder of the beauty in the forgotten and overlooked, for that is on my mind during that first moment of observation. In a way the moments of observation themselves can be seen as a meditation and although the physical act of making is what initially drew me to art, the concept and connection to a community or city has become just as important in my mature work. -Julia Fox

Visit Julia Fox's artist website here.

Daily Doodle: A Coloring Page for Moving Mindfully

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Daily Doodle: Free Adult Coloring Page

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Daily Doodle: Free Adult Coloring Page

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APOP Mind & Zazen Creations Presents... We love to hear inspiring stories and truly believe in taking time to appreciate what makes life so great. Thankfully we got to take some time to appreciate one of our client's personal stories. The image in this piece is of the backyard of a Zazen Creations (an APOP shop) customer's childhood home. The tree had to be cut down, but the family gave us a chance to let the tree live on by allowing us to burn into the original wood.

Moving Meditation: Tampon Box Cover

It doesn't sound that meditative, but upon looking at Zazen Creation: An APOP Shop's newest product. You might understand how creating the box and design might encourage it's creator (that's me!) to slow down from my busy life. It was a pleasure making this product. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! il_570xN.889330849_p2bo

PS: I'm pretty excited that I can leave my tampon box out in the open without it messing up my bathroom's color scheme. :P

Studio Saturday

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