Change Your Marketing Game with Follow-Up

Throughout March, we have been covering all things marketing. We’ve talked about resumes, social media, and networking, the works. This episode, though, I am so excited because we are discussing something that is not only crucial to your success in marketing yourself but it was absolutely LIFE CHANGING when I finally got the hang of it. This week, we are talking all about the importance of follow up and I couldn’t think of anyone better to share her expertise on the subject than my very own business coach, Laura West!

Laura’s follow up program has taught me so much about how to make following up with people I meet a fun cornerstone of my work and personal life and she had some great thoughts and insights to share with all of you in this episode. Her first tip is for all of us out there who bring some anxiety or worry to the follow-up process. “It really starts with the inner work which is, first of all, knowing that you matter. It does matter that you follow up and so you want to go out there and share what it is you're excited about. You want to share your gifts.”

Another big step in doing the inner work around follow up is about taking charge of the follow-up process. How many of us have secretly begged and wished that the person you exchanged business cards with would just send that follow up thank you email first so you wouldn’t have to? Laura encouraged that we start stepping up and making that first move to reach out after we meet someone.

Laura’s approach to follow-up goes beyond just those networking event connections. Her system has helped her clients to not only connect with potential clients and business partners, but even to meet new friends, and reconnect with family and friends that they haven’t seen in a while. Her follow-up program is not just about business, she mentioned.

“It's not trying to determine if somebody going to be a good client, and therefore, I should follow up. It's following up anyways and just reaching out and connecting to see what you have in common [and] how you might support each other... Sometimes you're reaching out to people because it would be fun to connect and you just get good vibes and have a great conversation and that's priceless.”

The most important thing I have learned from Laura in our work together is that you can take this daunting follow-up task and make it fun by bringing your personality into your follow-up. You all know how much I LOVE sharing a great video and making fun content. Laura helped me realize that something I could do to follow up with people I meet is create a video to send to people or share a hilarious (but appropriate!) GIF here and there. According to Laura, follow-up shouldn’t be boring or daunting.

“You want to make it fun using what I call your authentic marketing style... ‘How much fun and joy can I share in somebody else's day?’ When you approach it from that perspective. It just changes the whole energy behind ‘Oh, I got to do follow up.’”

Another key to making follow-up a more enjoyable part of your day is to create a system around it. For all of us with a heaping pile of untouched business cards we’ve received from people we’ve met and haven’t followed up with, this tip is especially for you. Laura recommends that you create a follow-up system that you put in place so that you know exactly what you need to do with that business card as soon as someone hands it to you.

If you have been struggling with follow-up, I highly recommend you join Laura for her Fun & Fabulous Program this April. It is a 30-day challenge designed to help you get out there and start following up and connecting with three people every day so you can start making follow-up a successful habit in your life and business. You can learn more about her program and sign up by clicking this link. Trust me, you will be amazed at how powerful incorporating fun follow-up will be in your life!

If you feel like you are too overwhelmed and stressed to even think about following up with people, I have a free 5-minute meditation just for you that you can use to release that stress and go from dreading your day to loving your day! Click here to receive your free gift!