How to Cope with a Toxic Work Environment and Get Out

Most of the American population are unhappy at work, feeling clueless on how to make a change within their career. The money might be good and you have your basic needs met, but there is still something bubbling under the surface. Perhaps you’re taking on too many responsibilities or you’re being bullied. There are some crazy things happening out there in the work place!


I had a client who really wanted a new job, yet he was apprehensive about getting that new job in fear that history might repeat itself. Another client of mine was handed a new position when his company was being reorganized. When he was in his former role, he felt good because he was on track to get his dream job in just a few short years, yet when the reorganization happened he got a position that he didn’t even apply for that was totally out of alignment with who he was. The money was good and he even liked his boss but he felt extremely out of place, struggling from chronic stress as he was doing the job of 5 other people. How I helped him cope, while planning his exit strategy, was to get back into the career trajectory that he wanted for himself. We also took a look at the bigger picture of his life, acknowledging that he wanted to be doing more spiritually and physical activity for himself. When you’re in a toxic situation, it’s important to be clear and level headed so that you can put your best foot forward and remember what’s important to YOU (i.e making hitting up the gym a priority like my client). Ultimately where you’re at is a bridge that will lead you upwards towards your future. I assisted him in identifying things that he could do in the workplace and in his personal life to clear his mind so that he could show up as the best possible version of himself at work.


In toxic environments, where you might be getting screamed at publicly because of a small miscommunication, it’s important to stand your ground, be the best person that you can be...meanwhile creating that exit strategy.


You deserve to have work that fills your wallet and your soul. As an ‘out of the box’ coach, I know that one size doesn’t fit all. If you have found yourself in a Toxic Work Environment, it may be time to join me for the Jumpstart the Work You Love Group Program and get you and your career back on track! Click here to learn more.