How to Find A Job That's in Alignment With You!


From conversations with many people, I’ve come to realize that an important part of a job hunt is to lead with your heart so that you can find the job and work that makes you feel the way you want to feel…a job that doesn’t make you feel like you have to separate your personal life from your work life. You might be thinking that this is a little ‘woo-woo’ and will lead you nowhere…but wait…


Many of us go through job hunting and years of college based on strategy, safety and even fear. We ask questions like, “how am I going to make the most money?” and “how am I going to make enough money to support myself and my family?” We’re so focused on the finances and stability of our life that it’s easy to forget about the other important pieces of the picture - fulfillment, happiness and fun. A vital point in finding your dream job is determining your core desired feeling, an umbrella feeling that encompasses many positive emotions that you want to feel in your life. For example, my core desired feeling is expansiveness. This feeling is invoked when I am dancing on a hard wood floor in my socks, the feeling I get when I go to my studio, or the feeling I get when a client of mine achieves something great.


We rarely invite our soulful emotional side to the table when it comes to important decision making. So when we end up in jobs that are unfulfilling and even make us angry, it’s because when we made that decision, we only let the logical part of ourselves make the decision. If you’re feeling like you’re in a shitty job, did you realize that you wanted time flexibility? Did you think about wanting to have enough time to spend with your family? Did you consider that you want to dress how you want? Did you consider that you want to be in a space where you can be goofy and playful?


These questions are key when it comes to the bigger picture because when you don’t have the things that are important to you, the job is out of alignment with who you really are. Where in your life have you not allowed this emotional piece of you to be present in your decision making? Where can you bring it forward to guide you in your current job role or a future job role in order to feel balanced? Where can you bring this forward in your life? How can you make subtle shifts that encompasses your true essence and emotional state that you are entitled to feel?


Remember you run your job search, not the other way around.


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