A Simple Exercise to Reclaim Your Personal Power

What defines your personal power? You might best express and find your personal power in various activities, in your work environment, in social settings and/or through your sexuality or spirituality. Holding your personal power is about knowing what you want and knowing your worth. It’s about knowing what you like and don’t like and also about doing what you want, not necessarily what you think you ‘should’.  

How can you find your sense of power among the noise?

A client of mine has been wanting to find her sense of spiritual power in relationship with God/the Universe as she understands it. We talked about how there are many ways to communicate, especially in religion. There is spiritual text and praying and that’s about it, but ultimately there are so many other ways that we can engage and communicate with a higher power. What I have been exploring with my clients is determining what kind of communication will help them feel power, freedom and lightness.

Try this exercise – Grab a pen and spontaneously respond to this prompt.

If I had time or money, I would… [Fill in the blank].

You might come up with something like this: If I had time or money I would go dancing... If I had time or money I would make art… If I had time or money I would start my own company…. If I had time or money I would tell my boss to shove it. Among this list you will find something (usually the first thing) that will give you that sense of personal power.

I was chatting to a client who loved to dance but she kept saying that she has no time to dance. I asked her for her favorite song, found it and told her to dance her heart out for the next 1 minute and 30 seconds. In this short time she experienced her personal power. For this client dancing helped her to find her energetic flow and release that energy into and out of herself in order to find her power, let her hair down and claim who she is.

Yours might be picking up a book or sitting in nature, it doesn’t have to necessarily be as physical as dancing. What is it that you would do more of if you had the time or the money? How can you do this right now? My client believed that she had to go somewhere and dance, but the reality is that she could dance here, now and in this moment.  During her dance she experienced a sense of reconnection to her personal power in connection to her sexuality and her career. She released all of her blocks and was able to move forward and make quick decisions to create the life that she wants.

Try this exercise so that you can really step into your personal power and create the career that you want, take care of yourself and feel like you’re living your best authentic life! If you’re feeling skeptical or stuck, I have a few openings on my calendar for you to book a complimentary strategy session to see how I can help you break free and step into your personal power. Let’s figure this out! Book a session HERE.