Finding True Love with Joanne Sapers

Relationships are always a hot topic with my clients, so I decided to get the ins and outs of how Joanne Sapers helps women to find and keep true love. Joanne is a licensed spiritual practitioner, relationship expert and Founder of Go Deep with Love. Joanne guides those who are currently in a relationship or single. 

On the journey of finding true love, it is important to know that it is your inner self that you want to learn how to connect to. This can help you learn how to connect to your intuition and  trust your judgement.

Some people in relationships feel out of sorts, like they have lost themselves. Tossing and turning at 2 am about whether you still want to be in a relationship with someone is a very scary place to be. If you are in this space, it's important to get to your pain point in order to understand exactly where you're at. Through a process of forgiveness, visualization and limiting belief work, you can identify what it is that you want to believe now. Think about what you want your life to look like and how you want to feel inside.

If you feel that everything is your partner’s fault and not yours, a great question to ask yourself is 'Where are you losing yourself in the relationship?'. By asking yourself this, you can get back to who you really are and reconnect to your core values. From this space you'll be able to clearly look at and THEN see what’s going on with you and your partner.


“I had a client who was feeling overwhelmed by what her life looked like. She was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. When her partner tried to talk to her she would end up yelling and screaming but that’s not who she is, she just didn’t know how to navigate in a loving way within her relationship. The last thing that she wanted to do was spend time with her husband, yet now they have dates, they’ve gone on vacation, she looks forward to seeing him and they are best friends. So for her, I helped the two of them come back together. She did a lot of inner work on herself and is now in a very safe and secure space. The root of her issue was that she did a lot of self-work but she just couldn’t get there.  She needed someone to see her heart. We did a lot of heart talk where her heart and mine were talking to each other. This made her feel safe and know that she is worthy. I questioned what her relationship would look like if she felt worthy and what that would feel like”  – Joanne


Joanne has clients who show up with the fear of getting out a relationship and ending up alone. Scared that they’ll never meet the right person if they let their current partner go or if it can actually make it work. If this is you, positive tools can teach you how the subconscious mind works in relation to “What we believe, we become”. The freedom of understanding this helps people realize that they can change their beliefs.


“If things felt better, what would you love to feel? How would that be? What would that look like? How would all this effect other aspects of your life?”

- Joanne


If you are single and afraid to enter a relationship due to previous abuse and fear around what’s out there these days, learn how to trust again and most importantly feel it in your heart. With forgiveness work, you can begin to understand how previous abuse or betrayal happened in regards to the bigger picture. You'll also be able to open your heart and know that your heart is totally available for love to come through. Ultimately with these situations a lot of the forgiveness work is learning to forgive yourself.

If you have been single for a very long time,  the first step to getting back into the dating world is to feel good about who you are today.  Learning to trust your judgement and know who you are better prepares you for choosing the right one. Singles know how to love since they have, at various points in their life, expressed love in connection to friends, family, pets, etc.

“I help them expand this love to their true love”

– Joanne


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