Why do I Love Myself?

A question that I ask a lot of my clients that seem to stump them is, ‘Why do you love yourself?’ From the responses that I’ve received, I have come to see how we need to start flexing our self-love muscle that much more.


Day and night we’re thinking about all the reasons of why we don’t love ourselves, why people don’t like us, why we shouldn’t be liked, why we don’t like ourselves. The way we respond to the question, ‘Why do I love myself?’ speaks volumes to our relationship with ourselves. It’s so easy to look for love outside of ourselves from other people, but the truth is you are looking for love from yourself.


‘Why do I love myself’ is a healthy compass question to guide us in the direction of self-love. I love myself because I am goofy, I dance randomly and when I talk about my plants I use a baby voice. I am lucky to have had the experience of answering this question on a regular basis – it’s not an easy question to answer initially. I have even had my days where I cannot think of a single thing of why I love myself. But by flexing this muscle on a regular basis, this question does become easier and can guide you towards a deeper, more connected journey of self-love. That kind of self-love where you’ll find yourself staying away from crappy relationships because you will clearly feel that you are betraying yourself and take steps towards self-love instead of betrayal.


If you are reading this, I want you to take a moment to ask yourself what do you love about yourself? Are you caring and kind or quirky…do you enjoy being with yourself when you are free and dancing in the kitchen? If you are struggling with this question, you are welcome to book a COMPLIMENTARY SESSION with me HERE. Through a range of other questions, I will be able to guide you towards developing a comfortable relationship with this pivotal question so that you can connect in a more loving way with yourself.