Flexing your Positivity Muscle...Flex, Flex, Flex!

After finishing up with a few clients the other day, I noticed a theme that was relevant to all of them – it’s so easy to slip into seeing our lives in a negative way but upon a closer look, is your life really a chaotic mess.


Yes, we can talk about all the reasons why our lives suck, why we should feel anxious, why we should feel unworthy, unattractive, etc. Essentially, the more we do this, the more we end up flexing our negativity muscle. The negativity muscle is the muscle that we flex when we keep telling ourselves that we are unworthy, not good enough, an idiot, not smart enough etc. We’ve gotten so  good at telling ourselves all the reasons why we are unworthy that when someone asks us, ‘Why are you smart?’ or ‘Why are you sexy?’, we don’t know how to respond because we are not used to flexing our positive muscle(s). Like any gym bunny, you can’t avoid working leg day or else after awhile you might look a little strange The same goes for your positivity muscle, you might not want to flex it, but you need to in order to have a truly balanced and fulfilling life. Think about what’s positive in you and your life right now. It might be as simple as feeling lucky or happy that you have a pet and that you just had food to eat. This muscle might be hard to flex at first but the more you flex it, the more you’ll you see the good in you and your life. Your mind will start to flow with more good vibes, creating a balance between positive and the negative thoughts and feelings. Of course you need the negative or fear-based thoughts as those might serve to protect or humble you in some way.


So I challenge you to flex the positive muscle more than the negative muscle. We need an optimistic mind set to see that our lives are genuinely more positive than negative. Why not show others and the world that life can really be great? If you feel resistant towards flexing this positivity muscle you might be experiencing an overload of strength in your negativity muscles, so I urge you to make haste and take your mind for a positive workout. The more you build strength in positivity, the healthier you and your relationships will be. Once the positivity muscle is strong, you will experience the magic of living in an abundant mind set where you will keep on attracting an overflow of amazing people, things, etc. into your life.