'I am a Money Magnet' Challenge

My business coach is great at changing peoples’ money mind set, getting them to the next level in their business and guiding them to a place of saying no to things, and yes to things, in order to make business effective and lucrative. One of the things that eventually rubbed off on me from my business coach is having ‘Gratitude’ towards money. Instead of seeing money as this evil or filthy thing, I have chosen to see money with an attitude of gratitude.

I started this thing where whenever I see a penny on the street, I would get really excited. Old Carlee would just see a penny and keep walking. New Carlee now stops, picks up the penny, proclaims that, ‘I am a money Magnet’, does a little dance and pops it in her pocket. My friends do think I am a bit weird when I do this but it’s gotten to the point that every time I find some money on the ground, I start attracting more money in my business. And although my friends have given me funny looks when I do my money dance in public, they too have begun to notice when they find money in ‘random’ places. I literally received a message from my sister about an hour ago saying ‘I am a Money Magnet’.

The gesture of showing gratitude towards even the smallest penny, is showing the universe that I like and appreciate money. The universe sees that I like to get money so that I can also give it. We often show gratitude for the big things in our lives, yet we forget about the so called smaller things as small as a penny. The more we show gratitude, the more we open up to receiving more. In my Message from the Dime in the Asphalt blog post, I spoke about how not every dime is meant for us, so there is no point in digging for dimes stuck in the asphalt. In order to not get stuck in trying to pick up all the dimes, you need to recognize when to pursue money and when not to. Gratitude can still be applied here by thanking the Universe for showing you when to pursue and when not to pursue money.

So my challenge for you this week is for you to experiment with the way that you look at money. Check in with yourself what the emotional reaction is whenever you find money whether it be dime, penny or $100. Whatever the reaction, address it with gratitude. Override any negative feelings, do a little dance and acknowledge that ‘I am a money magnet’. Find a way to show gratitude that is authentic for you and gets you excited and grateful. The results will be pleasantly surprising!


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