Take off those Rose Colored Glasses

It’s really easy and to some extent automatic to put on Rose colored glasses or even Crap colored glasses as filters to view the situations in our lives. Life is nothing more than the filter which we put over what our reality is. For example, a water bottle could be green in reality but if I put a filter in front of it, it will turn purple. It’s the same thing in our reality and relationships. You may lose a job and the filter that you put in front of you could be loss, social & financial destruction, homelessness, etc. However, in reality the loss of the job could be totally different – you might have more time to start your business or apply for the job that is going to fulfill you and help you get to where you want to be.


When it comes to religion, we all know that there are different faiths that believe in ‘different Gods’. Imagine if we had to put on a filter that showed us that all these ‘different Gods’ are actually the same God? If one person perceives God or a higher power in one way and someone else has a different filter or perception of this power, how do these people connect and/or clash. This concept of filters can also be applied to relationships – you might be head over heels about someone and not see that they’re treating you poorly. A big concept to take the filter off is the concept of our future! Thinking about your future, can you sit in the present moment and take off whatever filter it is that you have and connect and commit to the future that you’re destined to have (this doesn't mean simply sitting on your ass or being a workaholic either).


Where in your life are you putting on the rose colored glasses or the crap colored glasses? Where are you being pessimistic or optimistic? Where are we pretending to be a realist when we’re actually being really negative? Where are we pretending to be an optimist and actually just denying reality? The point of asking yourself these questions is to allow yourself to fully experience moments as they are without judgement or stories.


If you are feeling disconnected or confused about where you put up filters or you would like to connect on this topic, feel free to set up a time to talk with me HERE!