The Power of Pausing

I had a very constructive day today where I was able to get a lot of business and personal work done. At some point I had a moment where I needed to sit and pause, so I got out my art as a way for me to pause and process.  As I was beginning to get into it I saw that Monica Shah was going live on Facebook. I found this funny because I had just implemented an exercise from Monica’s book titled ‘Pause’. I often do exercises from the book every time I am feeling stuck so I felt inspired to share a little bit around the concept of pausing.


How many of us are just going and going without taking a pause? How often do you bounce from tasks in the name of getting things done? How many moments are we taking in our lives to just ‘be’, re-connect and re-charge ourselves? The idea behind taking a pause is to create a life that is more abundant for you, create opportunities to make more money and/or create the opportunity to find the relationship that you want. In the pause space you can do what you want – whether it’s creating art, sitting in the garden or reading something inspirational. Pausing is not a once off occasion, it is a regular practice to re-nourish and rejuvenate you.


‘One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, one life can change the world’ -Buddha. Finding regular moments of pausing can lift noise from your mind and situations, giving one clearer perspective as well as the power to change what one can. If you are looking for more direct, one on one support and you’re not sure where to go in your work, home, or relationship situations it’s definitely time for us to connect. You can connect with me HERE.


PS: I would highly recommend Monica Shah’s Book Pause – 52 questions that lead to more money and time’.