First Friday Feature: Andrew Cerami

In honor of First Friday, an exciting day once a month during which Philadelphia art galleries usually hold their opening receptions, we are pleased to highlight yet another an artist who employs art to improve his quality of life. Andrew Cerami uses art as a form of introspection. For Andrew, this introspection is key to breaking down negative misconceptions about reality; through this process he discovers and molds the best version of himself. unnamed

Andrew Cerami on his artistic practice:

"Art by its very nature demands that we break down our personal barriers and constructions of mind both in the process of making as well as in the process of viewing. My journey as an artist has been driven by my personal desire to reach out beyond my references and limitations in order to discover something new about myself, or perhaps, to re-discover that thing we all sense internally but cannot clearly identify. Through the process of actively creating we discover what it means to be human in that we have the potential to be conscious creators of our own lives, and that the creative process follows the same patterns on and off the canvas. Each piece becomes a means for me as an artist and as a human to better understand and engage this very creative process which continues whether we pay attention to it or not. What is it all about? Ultimately I believe the creative process is the essence of what is sacred. It is fundamental to nature. It is transcendent. The hidden thing that is masked by our structures of mind is our true Self. My biggest hope as an artist is to make things that inspire the viewer to contemplate and search inside themselves so that they too can begin to engage the creative power of Self and bring its healing and transforming power into everyday life. As we break down our interpretations, beliefs and limitations and lean into our fears and our uncertainties we in turn harness the force of creative power. Destruction and creation are two motions of one process. I hope my work can be a forum for you to take these matters to heart."