Officially an Intern!


2013-06-11 13.37.26 After lots of hard work and dedication, I was finally accepted into the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Museum Studies Internship Program. I am stoked!  The entire summer I get to work with world renown art professionals while also learning the ins and outs of a large institution. I am interning in the PMA's registrar's office, which manages the museums collection along with incoming loans. Working with art....YAY! I had a week or two to adjust to the program (my first day was June 10th, 2013) before I began this series. Since I haven't posted for quite sometime, I figured this is a great time to come back into the blog-sphere!  The series will record my professional development, give all my readers a behind the scenes look at the PMA's internship program, and show some of the fun art and/or museum related events I attend throughout the summer so keep your eyes and ears peeled for my upcoming posts. :)