New Boon(e)

First Friday Feature: Leah Koontz

This First Friday APOP Studios is celebrating the work of Philadelphia Artist, Leah Koontz. Her work directly relates to equality and the marginalized--demanding she and society as a whole are progressive and forward thinking through the critique of societal standards and beliefs. She has exhibited many places in Philadelphia among which include, New Boon(e), The Galleries at Moore, and The Water Gallery. She has also shown at the Ice Cube Gallery in Denver. She received the Sarah Peter fellowship from MCAD and has been published with Cleaver Magazine and The Philadelphia artblog. 13113205_10206600362873139_1605093997_o

Leah's Statement

"I make work about equality because I feel that this is my duty as a contemporary artist and engaged citizen. I am particularly interested in challenging American society's perception of marginalized groups. I also explore collaboration and growth. It is important for me to consider the tension and possible space for growth which happens among people as they attempt to communicate. I routinely think about my position, with respect to balance and control, as well as society’s relationship to these ideas. I want my art to contribute to learning and conversation, which hopefully spawns from my viewer’s experience. My work deals with themes of excess, conformity, and deterioration. Material is usually the byproduct of an idea. I enjoy working with a range of mixed media and genres to build a vessel for my thoughts as well as combining the grotesque with the seductive."