Artist Studios

Space 1026

Space 1026 is a wonderfully run artist gallery that has been in Philadelphia for over a decade. The people are extremely friendly and the space is comfortably casual. During my visit, I saw Geoffrey Kizmiller's exhibition, "Glory Be," a show displaying brand new work from six artists (Eric Brittain, Jessica Hans, Caley Feeney, Clark Mizono, Helen Levy and Erin Jane Nelson). I was introduced to a variety of artists working in their studios "behind-the-scenes" as well as given a tour of the building. Even without all the positive energy and great exhibitions these artists bring to the space, the building itself is a very interesting one with its unique history. I highly encourage anyone near the area to check it out. The entrance is a little tough to find and how to enter the building can be a bit confusing, but once you locate and ring the gallery's unique doorbell you will find yourself heading up a steep flight of stairs that lead you to the space. Once you're in you will be glad you made all that effort!