Tip 2 of 3 on How to Cope in a Toxic Work Environment (and Get Out!)

When we’re in a toxic work environment we’re often trained to think of all of the things that we didn’t accomplish and get stuck on all the reasons we’re not good enough. The reality is you’re actually getting a lot done and you are more than enough! Tip 1 on How to Cope in a Toxic Work environment (and Get Out!) covered creating a ‘Did-do List’ at the end of every day in order to acknowledge what you accomplished so that you can accomplish more and be proud of what you’ve done. Here goes Tip 2…


What happens when our co-workers and work community are insulting us or we feel that they’re insulting and invalidating us? Perhaps the negative feedback, whether verbalized or not, is not even work related but rather personal. If you’re in a toxic work environment I challenge you to take note of all the negativity you hear (whether your own or from co-workers) and create an equal opposite in the form of an affirmation. When we’re in toxic work spaces that don’t serve us, we tend to let that negative thinking take over. The point of developing a counter opposite to our usual thinking is to crowd our mind and ego with positivity rather than negativity. It’s kind of like eating lots of fruits and vegetables before you get to the desert table so that you don’t binge eat the desert. You’re not leaving much space in your mind for negative thoughts. Take some notes on what those negative thoughts are and what negative beliefs may have formed from these thoughts over time.


A common example that I hear people talking about is, ‘I am a horrible writer’. To create an equal opposite would be to say instead: ‘I am a fabulous writer when I’m in the right head space’ or ‘I am a fabulous writer when I give myself the space to grow’. The more often you repeat the equal opposite affirmation, the more likely you will create a clearer, happier headspace and give yourself the opportunity to actually grow as a writer. Writing the affirmation on post-its, or having it as a screen saver constructs environmental triggers that continue to flood our mind with positive beliefs so that we can be more productive and set our best foot forward. Even if you’re in a job where you’re not happy, the job is still a bridge for you to get to where you want to go, so putting your best foot forward ultimately benefits you.


Next time you’re feeling stuck, write down all the negative thoughts with their equal opposite and flood your mind with positivity so that you can be more productive and move forward with your career. Need some more guidance? Book a complimentary session with me HERE.