The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Have you ever woken up wondering ‘how the hell did I end up here?' ‘Here’ can look like a place of disengagement, loss of passion and a general feeling of not loving or hating anything, but rather feeling like everything is just a mediocre ‘okay’.


In conversation with many people about their life and career, I have noticed a sad reality where many of us have taken on a headstrong strategy to our careers (i.e. needing to get things done in a specific way and following ‘the plan’ to the very last detail). In this instance it’s a no brainer that people are feeling confused about where they’re at. The number one reason that people end up in this predicament is because they have not let their emotional side and core desires sit at the table with their strategic side.  If you’ve let your strategic side run the show, of course you will have that moment of waking up one day and questioning why you have the degrees you have or why you’re in the career that you’re in.


Imagine your mind as a boardroom where different aspects of your personality are represented. What’s sitting at the table might be a mix of strategy, fear, ‘what will they think?’ and more. What is often missing at the table for most of us is your higher self and emotional intelligence. The very first thing I work on with my clients is ‘emotional intelligence’ and core desired feeling(s). I question people about what they want to feel on a daily basis, use their answers as a compass to make decisions. What this looks like is asking yourself whether certain actions will lead to your core desired feeling(s)? If the actions lead you to these core desired feelings, keep going. If not, abandon ship!


We end up in careers that are not in alignment with us because we do not allow our core desired feelings to have a voice at the boardroom table. Your core desired feelings should be in communication with all the other aspects of you. If you don’t allow your emotions and heart a voice at the table, it’s likely you’ll end up disengaged at work because the things that you’re passionate about are missing.


When you include emotional intelligence into your life, you can make huge positive changes. There is a misconception that if you include your emotions, you might end up jobless and poor. The truth is that your strategy muscle is so strong to ignore that it’s unlikely to let you end up this way. Emotional intelligence can never take over the strategic part of you, it is merely there to complement your strategic side so that you can make more mindful and healthy decisions in your life and career. If you let your strategic side work with your emotional intelligence you can better align yourself to the best career path (and more!) for you.


Something to think about…

Where in my life have I not listened to my emotional intelligence?

Where in my life can I start listening to it now?


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