The Impact of Unconscious Leadership

We are all leaders in one way or another. Whether you lead a group of people or if you lead your children and family – you are a leader! I challenge you as a leader to ask: Am I a shitty leader? It’s a bit of a bomb drop I know, BUT it is a really vital question.  


I had a really interesting conversation with a well-known thought leader recently. This person appears to be trailblazing their way through life on the outside, but looking in reveals a completely different story. I was quite intimidated to speak to them as I wondered how I could be of benefit to them when they are already well-established and not to mention a bit older with way more experience. It turns out that this person has been struggling with many things that we younger millennials struggle with.


It boggled my mind that this leader had a belief inside of them, instilled from a young age, that doesn’t serve them. The problem was that this belief not only impacted them, but this this belief impacted their entire community. For example, say I am a personal trainer at a gym who's still on my own weight loss journey, but I don't believe it's possible for me to ever lose weight no matter how much I try. However subtly, this belief impacts every client I work with and person I have a chance to help in my community. It undermines the work I do with my clients and community day in and day out.


If I don’t believe that I can lose weight, it’s likely that I will attract clients that also don’t believe that. I am also not likely to set them up for success because what I offer is completely out of alignment with my subconscious beliefs. Not only am I hindering myself to lose weight and have the ideal body that I want, I am also hindering the lives of others energetically.


As a leader, no matter what type of leader you are, I encourage you to examine what beliefs you hold about yourself. Where do you want to grow, but feel stunted? What are the beliefs hiding inside of you? Are they serving you? Are they serving your community? Your friends, family, children, clients? If you are a leader (in any shape or form), where are these subconscious beliefs that you might not even know that you have that are impacting the lives of others?


Join my next event. We will be working on accessing and exploring some limiting subconscious beliefs. It’s a dangerous place to be in if you’re unsure of how your thoughts, words and behaviors are affecting your community. Come and explore these thoughts and patterns in this workshops and learn how to break-up with or navigate some of these ingrained subconscious patterns.