Take That Sick Day Off!

Did you know that 52% of U.S. Citizens have all sorts of accumulated leave days left over at the end of the year? I hear stories day in and day out from people who are feeling overworked, overwhelmed and on their way towards a chronic illness. If this is you – take that sick day!


In a recent Gallup Poll, 70% of employees reported feeling disengaged or unhappy at work. This begs the question, why not take those leave days to prevent further disengagement, unhappiness and even illness?


When I got back from a trip in Florida, where I worked intensely on my business for two straight days, I ended up with a sore throat - so I took a day off to recover. This reminded me to remind you to take the day off if you need to! Not only because you’ll save others from getting sick but also because you need to and deserve to relax and replenish.


If you’re in a situation where you feel like it’s not ‘safe’ to take a day off or if you don’t know how to navigate taking a day off, I am here! Feel free to book a Complimentary Session with me HERE.