Two Vital Steps to Manifest like a Boss!

If you want or need more in your life, here are two steps that can help you create 'more': more time, money, love, affection, etc.


1. Get Clear!

The first thing to do is acknowledge the importance of manifesting and getting clear on what you want. Giving Creator, the Universe, God or whatever resonates with you a clear picture of what you want is an important starting point. It’s imperative to reflect on why you want what you want.  If you want more money, what are you going to spend it on? The universe has to know how to meet you half way. You might ask for a place to live and receive a small apartment (instead of mansion you vaguely wanted) and be disappointed. Being specific about exactly what you want and why you want it helps the Universe to help you.


A while back I was in a difficult space. I was in an unhealthy relationship, I was facing financial difficulties and I had a stressful job. I ended up doing an exercise called 'Kylego'-ing, where you mentally go one year into the future, speak as if you are in the present moment and say why your life is going so great. When I was in this stressful space, I did this exercise. I created space to see what I really wanted, which was a healthy relationship with a man who loved and respected me, I wanted to feel better in my body , I wanted a pet and a bigger living space. I built a clear picture as to what I wanted. I ended up doing this exercise for 90 days. At the end of the 90 days I had ended my previous relationship and met someone new and manifested a little furry friend! Everything turned around for me because I met the universe half way by stipulating what it is that I want. Another fabulous exercise to help manifest is through stream of consciousness writing where you write down what you want without thinking too much about structuring clear sentences. Once you feel that you have written enough, you can pick out the pieces that resonate with what you really want in your life. Both 'kylego'-ing and stream of consciousness writing assist you to get down to the details of what you want.

2. Create Space!

Creating space for what you want so that it can arrive is an invaluable way to prepare you to receive. If you are a Type A personality you may think that you have to work constantly in order to get what you want. This is not necessarily true. Sometimes it’s best to put what you want out there, do a healthy amount of hustle and then surrender and give space for those things to arrive. During this time of space it’s a good idea to rest, recuperate and live life the way you would if you have already manifested what you want.


In short, get clear on what you want and create space for the Universe to meet you half way. These two steps will undoubtedly skyrocket your ability to manifest. When you create space, you will have the capability to deeply receive what you’ve manifested and be grateful without the feeling of desperately longing for ‘what’s next’.


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