How to Find Work that Fills Your Wallet and Your Soul

This one is for the nine to fivers who are having a tough time in your job. You might not be getting enough time for yourself, sitting with a long to-do list, hating your job and feeling like each task is ‘high-priority’. If you’re watching cat videos or scrolling through Facebook by the time it hits 3PM, keep reading!


If you’re at the office right now or you have to wake up to it tomorrow, I invite you to give yourself permission to take that lunch break and get yourself out of the office. You’re not likely to produce better work or feel good about what you’re doing if you perpetuate the same patterns in your working environment. If you are in the mind set of disengagement, disinterest, resentment or feeling tired you need to get up, get your body moving and take some time to re-create your space. You need to create your own weather and bask in it no matter what anybody else’s weather brings to you. If you had a rainy day yesterday or weeks ago, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a rainy day today.


Creating your own weather is about creating your own psychological space that is rejuvenating, refreshing and helps you to step into your career with your best foot forward. You might be thinking that a lunch break is not going to negate the fact that I have to come back to a crappy job. This may be true for you BUT I have created a FREE ONLINE TRAINING for anyone who is feeling tired of their boss or disengaged and undervalued at work. Join me TODAY, the 19th of June at 12:30PM EST for “How to Find Work that Builds Your Wallet and Your Soul”.  It’s about figuring out your passion (if you don’t know what it is), taking actionable steps and moving forward so that you can get out of cubicle land (or any other unpleasant work environment) and into a career that makes you excited to wake up to every single day.


I’ve been inspired to create this webinar because I have been hearing from so many people who are unhappy in their work and it’s been weighing on me - so I am coming forward to offer this to you. REGISTER HERE. Take your lunch break - See you there!