Simple Tips to Turn your Mood around

Turning your mood around can prove very difficult when you’re in a dark and negative space. You might feel like your life has turned to shit and you don’t know how to get out of this space. On a cognitive level, you probably know what you need to do to move out of this kind of space - eat healthy, apply for new jobs, etc. but all you can feel is weight, dread and heaviness in your body. If you can identify with this, I would like to offer you two simple tools to help you move forward.


It’s a simple tool that I learned at the Wanderlust Festival, a mindful Triathlon. The best way to shift from those feelings of dread is to get into your body and move it from there. The specific tool that I learned at this festival is full blown belly laughter! So when you’re feeling a little crazy and can’t get out of your dread, get into your belly and just laugh! Now I am not talking about a meek little haha laugh from your mouth, I am talking about serious belly laughter. This way of laughing helps you to shift negative thought patterns. All you do is conjure up a haha from your belly up to your mouth-combining sound with breath. Keep repeating it until it becomes organic – and trust me it does! You can start with a simple Ha that comes from your belly and build it up to a Hahaha. You might find this a bit of a quirky, weird out-there tip but I can guarantee that you will feel results.


If the belly laugh is not for you try my next tip…


If you find yourself in a low space, repeat a specific word over and over again. This a psychologically tested method that proves that you can shift your mood instantly with this simple tool. When your thoughts are going around and you’re repeating past situations or conversations that are pulling you down, say the word Boing. What this does is shift your mind from a place of ‘fight or flight’ into a place of calm, abundance or the place where you want to be. Try It!


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