A Message from the Dime in the Asphalt

Being on a money mind set journey, every time I see a coin I pick it up and express extreme gratitude with the affirmation ‘I am a Money Magnet’ accompanied by a little money dance. I find money on the ground and in various other places all the time – it’s amazing how much this happens. It’s like the more I notice money in all forms, and express gratitude towards it, the more my income or change wallet literally grows. 

So the other day I was biking to work and less than 5 minutes into my ride I noticed a dime lying on the side walk.  I stop, realize it's completely stuck in the asphalt and simply I get back on my bike on my way to work thinking, 'welp, guess that one's not meant for me.'

Later on that very same ride I spot another dime. I'm thinking, 'crazy! Two dimes in one day. Whatttt!' I stop, pick it up, sing my 'I'm a money magnet' song and do a little dance as per the usual routine.

But then something dawned on me, if I had stopped and become preoccupied with the first dime, I would've never found the second one--the one that was truly meant for me. This stuck dime was showing me that a lot of us go about our lives banging our heads on the same wall over and over again not realizing there is a door open a few feet away.

Many of us continually try to pick up our own absolutely stuck and stubborn dimes meanwhile getting our fingers dirty and breaking our nails. Why is that that we don't take a closer look and realize that this dime is nothing but trouble? Why is it that we think if we hop back on our bikes we won't find the dime that was meant for us?

So here's my real question to you: What are you finding yourself breaking your nails over – is it a relationship, is it money, friends, work? The dime in the asphalt could represent anything in your life.

As a business owner, there are potential clients that I want to hold onto – I see their potential and future and want them to step into it but sometimes they are the dime stuck in the asphalt, not ready to change. A hot summer day might come along and move them out of the asphalt and they’ll be able to change their life. Here, it’s a matter of knowing when it’s time to move on and go after something else--move on to the person who is truly ready to transform their life.

In the long run this behavior perpetuates an exhausting, unhelpful cycle--you find yourself stuck swatting on the side of the road next to this annoying dime with filthy hands and broken nails. Don't get yourself stuck when in reality you aren't--it's that thing outside of you that is...