6 Days & 6 Stories about how visualization helped me!

Day 2: Attracting Money & A Better Life

VISUALIZE workshops are 3 hour virtual retreat workshops where I teach people to use visualization exercises, stream of consciousness writing and drawing to get clarity, build the life that they want and step into it.

To share how visualization has helped me become the person that I am today, I did a 6 day countdown to my VISUALIZE workshop where each day I shared a story of how and what I visualized and how it came to fruition. This is the second story about how I visualized the money that I need to create a better life for myself. Missed the first one? Click here to check out Day 1.

Two years ago I visualized having enough money to say good-bye to the roommates, live on my own and travel a lot more. I was living in South Philadelphia in a tiny two bedroom apartment with my best friend. While it was great, it was also rough. I worked three jobs: part time teaching an after school program, part time administration job and part time at a grocery store. Thrown in the mix was a free artist residency, which took up 12 hours of my week. I was crazy busy, waking up at 6:30AM and getting home at 11PM. The apartment we lived in was like a hallway with no living room, it was infested with mice, and it was a 20 minute walk just to get to public transit. Did I mention it was rough!?! To put the cherry on top, I had just received a notification that I had to start paying back my student loans. On the phone with the debt collector and overcome with anxiety, I told the woman on the other end that I literally cannot afford to pay my student loans and requested to pay less for now. That wasn’t an option. I realized that I need to get out of this cycle and step into my truer calling. I was all over the place and had no idea how I was going to make more money. I knew what my general calling was: helping other women to step into their calling. This is when I started visualizing and meditating as a step towards getting out of chaos and step into my truer calling.

A year ago I did my first Facebook live video. It was a tour of my very first roommate-less apartment! Because I had started and committed to meditation and visualization, I received ways to put my dreams into actions. Everything I did in those exercises got put into action. Having my own apartment – hence the video of me prancing around in my very own apartment showing what I achieved without the help of anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, then, it was rough too. I was just starting my own business and still scraping by. I was also adjusting to paying double the rent I was used to. However, I continued to visualize what life is going to be like. I knew I wanted to travel more and express and see life to its fullest. I wanted to take the next big step of independence and fulfillment for the life that I wanted. I wanted to build a life where I could afford milk and eggs and just go out to a restaurant without it being a big financial deal. In addition to this I also wanted to travel, grow my business and have an impact on people’s lives. So I focused, sat down and did these exercises. I focused and said what I want out of life. Visualization is basically being grateful for something before you have it - you’re pretending that you already have it. I affirmed that ‘I am so grateful that I got to travel across the country and see this awesome person, and do this really awesome thing and I got to chill on the beach….’. While actually doing this, I got all of these ideas. I remembered that I do have a friend in San Diego that would let me couch surf. I could totally do a ‘Feeling Salty’ workshop (my signature workshop) and expand my impact that way. I visualized and  imagined what success looked like and reverse engineered it, which means imagining what success looks like then imagining what steps would get me there followed by action. Visualization is very much about the action too!

Now, I am able to live roommate free and live on my own and know that I am doing this, I got it. I am able to travel more and see the things that I want to see all across the country on a regular basis. I envisioned the money to do all of these things and create a better experience for myself. You can too!

Thank-you for reading my story. I hope it gave you some good ideas. Keep your eye on my blog page for upcoming stories or check out my first one here.


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