It’s not Magic (It’s a Niche!)


You know those people in high school who knew what they wanted to do in life and seemed magically on the right path to doing it? They had the skills, the internships, the connections?

And you looked at them and thought “How on earth do you have all this so together?”


It’s not magic. It’s a niche! And you can find yours, too!

Your niche is an intersection of your skills, interests, and opportunities. If you made a Venn diagram, it would be the bit in the middle where these three things overlap. In fact, just do that! Give yourself a chance to visualize your possibilities and to think about what a happy and successful life would look like to you as you fill in each circle.

We’ll break it down for you to help you get started:


What are you good at? Include interpersonal skills, physical skills, and technical skills.

Power point? Sure. Writing? Awesome. Skateboarding? Swell. Listening to people? Heck yes! Teaching others? Add it! Whatever you know you’re good at, put it in there. There’s no being vain here. Be honest.



What makes you feel inspired? The environment, fitness, creativity, empowering others, kayaking, quiet time, snakes, pottery, travel, reading? What do you want to make happen in your community? In the world? In your free time or in your daydreaming, where do you find yourself drawn?


This may feel hard. It’s strange to conceive of the world around you as a benefit. What spaces, funding, or networks do you have access to? What opportunities do you feel capable of making for yourself? What wonders does the internet hold that could help you?

Where these three things intersect is your niche!

Your niche could look like all kinds of things! Maybe that’s working for a company that aligns with your values and lets you use your skills. Maybe your niche means starting a venture that will let you work for yourself on projects about which you’re passionate.

But the first step is finding it.

Take some time, and do some thinking (and some Venn diagramming!). Your future is worth it.