Self-care vs Self-sabotage

I woke up this morning and experienced a dialogue with myself around whether I should get up and go for a run or sleep in. I recently injured my right wrist so I started making excuses that my arm will get hot and uncomfortable and why not just sleep in and rest, right?  Wrong!


In this moment I began to reflect on the theme of self-care versus self-sabotage. I came to realize that knowing the difference between self-care and self-sabotage is really important. Had I not gone on my run I would have missed out on the beautiful scenery – the water, nature and an art installation. I also would not have released endorphins that ultimately will uplift my mood for the day. I would have been lying in bed getting a half hour extra sleep and waking up feeling flat. Even though my right arm is injured, both my legs still work and my left arm is in its full capacity. So, no excuses. Really!


I want to ask you, are there places in your life where you are sabotaging yourself? Self-care can be hard sometimes. It’s the difference between hitting snooze and getting out of bed... it’s the difference between choosing a salad and choosing something else. So my question is, are you self-sabotaging because you ‘deserve it’? Are you disguising self-sabotage as self-care? This morning I got real with myself and decided no more excuses – It was time to get up and  go on a run. What do you need to wake up to, to take better care and nourish yourself?