Stop Keeping How Great You are a Secret From Yourself


It’s hard to get far in life both personally and professionally without confidence. We’re expected to be comfortable on interviews and first dates, to showcase how great we are in our words and our actions. And it’s hard. How many times has someone said “list your strengths” and you’ve found your mind reeling, or tried to shrink back into a wall at a party or meeting? It reveals a lack of confidence, simply because we’ve never taken the time to up our confidence game.

The first step is to stop keeping how great you are a secret from yourself. It’s easy to be humble with ourselves and dismiss our successes and our talents. It’s hard to give ourselves permission to celebrate ourselves. If we don’t know how great we are, how can we expect ourselves to walk into situations and show other people?

Taking the time to mentally and physically shore up your confidence tool belt is worth your time. Here are two tools to make you feel more confident than ever.


Take twenty minutes, sit down, and think about how awesome you are. And then get out a pen and make a list of your strengths both personally and professionally. We’re not conditioned to take time for celebrating ourselves. Be a rebel. Do it. And then put that list somewhere you will see it all the time. We recommend by your mirror so it’s in your mind as you are getting ready or next to where you keep your keys so it’s the last thing you see as you’re headed out the door.

Next time you go to an interview, to update your LinkedIn, or to write the coolest dating profile ever, you’re covered. You’ve got words to talk about yourself. But beyond that, seeing these words consistently will constantly remind you that you are fantastic, just as you are, right now.



Stand in front of the mirror and pose like a superhero for two minutes. A Harvard study revealed that people who stood in power poses for as little as two minutes exude more confidence afterwards. Channel your inner Wonder Woman, Squirrel Girl, or Iron Man. Be ridiculous, but enjoy that feeling of empowerment. It may feel silly at first, but the silliness will fade into a sense of empowerment.

Now that your super-confidence is amped up, show yourself in the mirror what a confident non-superhero mode you would stand like. Create an equally confident alter ego that doesn’t need to show off your bullet resistant attire. Think Clark Kent prepping for an interview, or Tony Stark grocery shopping. Is your posture open or closed? How do you hold your hands? What makes you feel comfortable, approachable, and ready to take on the world?

Then, go be a person. Pick one interaction a day and use this body language. Our bet is that latte you confidently ordered will taste all the sweeter and that the conversation with your coworker will feel better than ever.

Not feeling super confident? Try putting on your confident body language anyway. It will change your mood, tricking your brain into confidence mode!  Access those super powers.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, wait…it’s YOU being your fantastic, confident self!