How to Cease The Shitty Day

     Let’s Cease The Shitty Day (1).png             We’ve all been there. The day where anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong, and all we are left with is a gaping mouth and slew of words that would make a sailor blush. We’ve all been guilty of letting the shitty day turn into way more than it needs to be, right? I mean we are talking about the worst of days, your horrible-no-good-terrible-very-awful-bad-day. Sometimes it seems like there’s no way to flip your switch back into a manageable level of goodness, right? Well, because we love you and love self-love, we’ve put together some suggestions to help you not just live through your shitty day, but make it your best shitty day.

So what do you do?

Focus on HOW you react, not WHAT you are reacting to. Shitty things happen. You’re finances are low, your car breaks down, your bus is late, you’re broken up with, your switching apartments...everything can add up to a big level of shitty. A lot of that is beyond our control, right? Exactly. So focusing on how we react instead allows us to make sure we aren’t causing more shittyness by our reactivity than good.

Turn the shitty day into the day that provided you with an opportunity to grow. To show yourself self love. To not let yourself down by being reactive instead of growing from your experience. Cease the shitty day, and turn it into the day that YOU overcame by focusing on the positive.

So how do you cease the shitty day?

Reverse your thoughts.

When you catch yourself traveling down a negative path, catch it, and reverse the thought into something positive. Be cognizant of what is going on in your mind, and help yourself flip that thought around. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, look around at what you do.

Focus on your breathing.

Counting your breaths and focus on slowing your breathing patterns can be one of the best ways to refocus and regroup. It’s also a really easy thing to practice, and since your breathing every minute of every day, you are already really great at it.

Practice some good old fashioned self love.

If you are a person who finds relaxation in the depths of a bubble bath while binge-watching The Walking Dead, do it. Maybe sorting through your mail and organizing is where you find some solace. Take time to remind yourself how amazing you are, and how valuable you are.

Make a thankful list.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the shitty day, we can’t step outside to reflect. Make a list of things you are thankful for. It’s easy, takes little time, and can be the ticket you need to hop on the positivity express.

Get outside!

It’s really simple to get physically stuck in a rut, too. Take a walk around the block and see the good happening around you. Not only is it really simple, but fresh air does a body good in way more ways than just gaining perspective.

What works when you’re having a shitty day? We want to know what works for you, so get in touch!