APOP Studios Partners with Leyline, Philadelphia



APOP Studios is more than excited to announce our new partnership with Leyline, an artist-run, member-based project that aspires to form connections between artists. Leyline allows artists to enter into like-minded, regenerative dialogue with their peers. APOP will be partnering with Leyline to provide free and discounted workshops and coaching for their members. This amazing opportunity will help remind Philadelphia local artists and beyond how balance can be the foundation for a more fulfilling life. “So you found a way for us to maintain a social life, balance work and our studio practice, and keep ourselves healthy?” This partnership was as much of a no-brainer for Leyline as it was for us.

APOP will be providing free and discounted workshops, and other programming for Leyline throughout the year. Free workshops will be exclusively accessible for Leyline Members. On the flip side of our partnership, Leyline will be connecting clients of APOP Studios to their own artist community allowing for the fostering of friendships, potential partnerships, exhibition opportunities, and a truly endless list of benefits. Soon, Leyline members will be able to participate in juried shows that APOP is plans to curate within the Greater Philadelphia Region.


What’s on the horizon for exclusive workshops for Leyline Members?

Cardio & Coloring: September 21, Indiegogo Bike Station--FREE event for Leyline members!

An event focused on connecting artists and helping them with both their mental and physical health through cardio and the arts.


Digging Deep: Data Mining for Happiness: Estimated Date October 2016 at a discounted rate for Leyline members.

APOP’s founder, Carlee Myers, will discuss why tracking happiness, and self reflection is vital to each participant’s personal and professional journey. Join Carlee to cover the basics of how to use minimal journaling to track key factors in your happiness and utilize that data to live a happier and more fulfilling life.  Each participant will leave with a custom journal to use at home.


Feeling Salty: Date TBD.

A mindfulness class during which we build a stress box (almost zen garden-like) and learn how to record the breath in salt as a moving meditation practice....definitely a de-stresser.